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Uranus and Pluto transits 2016

Usually I start with the prognosis of the coming year in October. But why not start now, a bit? Let me tell you about Uranus and Pluto in 2016. 
Uranus and Pluto are symbols of change. If one of them are in hard aspect with your natal or progressed Sun, changes and stress are coming. The softer aspects may not hurry you, but you certainly like to know about the stress aspects, because mostly they demand some action. 
350px-HPA_Axis_Diagram_(Brian_M_Sweis_2012)So let me tell you where Uranus and Pluto are in 2016.
  • Uranus is between 16d34 and 20d34 via 24d30 Aries
  • Pluto in between  15d03 and 16d54 Capricorn via 17d29.

This means that when your Sun or any important point in your chart is between 17 and 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you will be confronted with a hard transit of Uranus or Pluto or both. A major point between 17 and 25 Sagittarius or Leo gets a trine aspect. Are you open for change (or forced to be open for change...). If you don't know about degrees, it may be interesting to watch this summary of birthdays:
  • January 7-8-9 
  • April 6-7-8 
  • August 9-11 
  • Occtober 9-11 
There might be a complete make-over for your life and life style in 2016.
  • January 10-16 
  • April 10-14 
Uranus transits point at possible nervousness and at being alerted.
  • May 6-7-8 
  • September 9-11 
That trine of transit Pluto encourages you and increases the change of 'winning' and profit. 
  • June 6-7
  • August 9-11
Inconjunct transit Pluto could signify an overdose of stress (and a possible crisis). Take care not to exploit yourself.
  • July 6-7-8 
Opposition of  transit Pluto could indicate a confrontation with someone else's problems or problems caused by others. As this will be a hectic year for you anyway, the tension could force you to change your life style, drastically. 
  • July 9-18 
Square of transit Uranus: unexpected forced changes will have to be accepted somehow. 
  • August 9-18 
  • December 8-17
Liberating trine of transit Uranus possible also adds something new. Maybe you just choose the easy way out to independence, freedom and 'what's new'. 
  • October 9-18 
Opposition of transit Uranus: other people might talk about you, your life style and what you do. Maybe this experience changes your vision. 
  • November 8-17 
Inconjunct  transit Uranus warns you: don't do anything unprepared and take care, because it is a time of unexpected complications. 
!Transits work with progressed Sun, Moon and planets, too. 
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