Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Astrology of Terror

I wish that I could say that astrology helps to prevent any such act of terror by looking at the positions above and that astrologers could predict this kind of attacks, for the given time and place. But that is not so. Charts reflect events, not the other way around. Circumstances and situations color the aspects. 
There were of course general indications for heavy times and possible war acts in the mundane charts. The crisis may be over but there is Neptune in Pisces in the first 10 degrees (Migration, see ….) and there’s still an explosive war in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. And there is more:

1.   In ‘The Uranus square Pluto aftermath’ I mentioned the fact that AFTER the Uranus-Pluto square there were the Years of Terror in France (with the guillotine) and that this ended with Saturn square Uranus. We have to wait till 2011 for Saturn square Uranus! I hope that this doesn’t mean that there is no end in sight for the coming 5 years, but I fear it does. 
2.   The Astrological New Year’s chart of 2015 (I mean Zero Aries) had Mars conjunct Eris. There is such a conjunction every 2 years, but not in a New Year’s chart. It is an aspect that signals a possible beginnings of war. Mars was opposition Zero Aries yesterday.
3. In the myths, Mars is the ancient god of war. Eris is the goddess who caused discord and laughed when the other godesses faught for her golden apple. The chart of November 13, 2015 had Mars in a 157.5 degree minor aspect with Eris. Mars was opposition Midheaven and the elevated Eris was half semi square MC when the first explosion was heard. There is also Uranus on top of the chart.
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2.   On Mars + Eris op Astropost:
4.   In all of the charts of terrorists I found Mars-Uranus, also in the chart of Boston terrorist Dzokhar: Read abot Mars-Uranus here:
5.    The French news paper Le Monde gives a timeline: The chart of the moment when the tragedy started with an explosion near Paris Stade had Mars opposition MC. This is a position that often pops up in charts of shootings.
6.   Charlie Hebdo was attacked before. That was with Eris exactly square Midheaven at the moment of the first shots.

Mundane aspects are valid for the whole world but they get their meaning in certain situations and circumstances. But people all over the world will somehow notice what happened there. We are all in Paris, in our minds.

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