Monday, November 26, 2007


John Terry (a Sagittarius born 7 december 1980 London) is one of the football players involved in an orgie of alcohol and sex in the period between two important qualification games of the national team of England. They did not make it and won't be playing in the European Championship 2008. And now it is known that Terry was dancing on the floor with an erotic dancer. That was when he was supposed to take a rest due to an injury.

In the prognosis for Sagittarius 2008 in the Dutch version I wrote:
"4. Born between 7 an 17 December? Uranus will square your sun in 2008. Anything might be expected all of the sudden. Uranus is for sensation and tension...".
Squares coming from Uranus often bring your name in the papers. And John Terry has transit Uranus square the Sun right now...And is not Uranus for astrologers, too?:)

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