Wednesday, November 21, 2007


They arrested Joran van der Sloot and two of his friends again, because there is new evidence in the case of the vanished Natalee Holloway. This happens to him with an appropiate transit of Uranus (freedom) square Saturn (limitations) and a transit of Pluto sesqui square the Sun.

I wrote about cases of missing people and also about this case in an article in Dutch, 'Vermist'. For your convenience I translate the highlights.

"He is born 6th August 1987 in Willemstad. She is born 21st October 1986 in Birmingham USA. He should be the last person who saw her alive and is suspected to be involved in her disappearance.

The fate of Van der Sloot and the missing American girl is connected and so are their charts. They share - apart from the fact that her Mars squares his Pluto and his Mars squares her Venus-:
- Sun conjunct Mars (his) and Sun square Mars (hers)
- Sun square Pluto (his) and Sun conjunct Pluto (hers)
- Both have Mercury conjunct Venus
- He has Jupiter sesqui square Saturn, she has Jupiter square Saturn"

On the day that she vanished, Natalee had transit Mars semi square Mars and sesqui square Pluto for a violent day. This is activating the existing square between Mars and Pluto in her birth chart. Joran had Pluto conjunct Uranus (a revolutionary change) and sesqui square Venus together with Mars sesqui square Pluto...The same combination as in her chart and the same planets involved that connect their charts: Mars-Pluto.

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