Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ainan Celeste Cawley is a genious and a child born in a family of gifted children. He was born 23 November 1999 in Singapore. Here you see the chart drawing for noon on his birthday .
His parents are searching for a university to make this 7-year old an academic before he will lose interest in learning. Soon transit Saturn will square the progressed Sun. Within a few years the progressed Sun will conjunct Pluto. These are no easy pjrospects.

Where in the birth chart of Cawley is the genious? I think his individual natal chart (including birth time) makes the difference (like his parents do, see the blog of the mother). Still there are indications. There is a golden yod, there is a three fold midpoint combination for successes and there is a prominent Mercury (planet of knowledge and youth).
Mercury is ahead of the Sun AND sesqui square Zero Aries. That makes Mercury prominent. As Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and Uranus, I doubt that he has a happy childhood being so special.
There is a so called golden yod build by quintiles and biquintiles between Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. Such a connection indicates a succesfull view (of the future) and quintiles are for creative talents. We could read this golden yod as that of a person who is ' his time ahead'. (Notice that all astrologers that I know of have a combination like that in aspects or in midpoints).
We see three times the midpoint combination of Mars with Jupiter and Pluto: Mars 22.5 Jupiter/Pluto, Jupiter 112.5 Mars/Pluto, en Pluto 90 Mars/Jupiter). We notice the hard aspects between Mars and Jupiter and between Jupiter and Pluto. They confirm the midpoint combinations and show a great potential and energy.

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