Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and this shows his birth time and year...

I think it is likely that Fidel Castro was born in 1926 on August 13 at 4h44 a.m. in Biran because his progressed Midheaven and Ascendant would be semi square transit Saturn right now (a sign for stepping down) and transits of Mars would be afflicting Uranus and Saturn, thus limiting his freedom of movement.

It would also fit in other ways. Mars on top for the military outfit. Mercury crucially on the Ascendant for his rethoric drives. Pluto oriental for being a politician in the first place. Sun square Saturn as the most tight aspect in his chart (an aspect he shares with dictators like Stalin and Chavez). El comandante would have Sun in Leo AND Ascendant in Leo. He was adored, too, and for that we see Sun opposed to Jupiter and conjunct Neptune (the Jupiter-Neptune combination that is always there in the charts of religious people who deal with 'followers' and in the charts of those who deal with 'fans').

Yes, 13th August 1926, 4:44 Biran, definitely.

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