Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chart of day of birth Herman van Rompuy

The latest post was about J.P. Balkenende, possible candidate for the European Presidency, but with a handicap in the chart (an inconjunct between Saturn and MC, activated by transit) that seems to have turned into a real handicap: his French is not sufficient and the Dutch population is not as pro-European as it was before. His chances don't grow...

So now there is another name on everybody's lips: Herman van Rompuy. He is a Belgian politician and no one is against his candidacy. Here is his chart. There are no important transits and progressions at first sight, but as it is a chart without hour of birth, the Midheaven position might change everything. What you see is the chart of a leader (the Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees), who wants to make changes (Uranus 'calling' too). In September 2007 I wrote about his chart because of his involvement in the formation of the Belgian government. He is a conservative with a 'calling' Neptune rising before the Sun. Neptune is the symbol of ideology and religion. But it is also a prominent planet in the charts of artists. Herman van Rompuy makes 'haiku's' (Venus semi square Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter/Pluto is reflecting successes and ...a lot of support). There are many positions in fixed signs (for a strong will). Mars is conjunct Pluto and sesquisquare Aries Point, mirroring the use of power, and political struggle. In 2007 he had a progressed trine between Jupiter and Pluto. Venus in Scorpio explains his second study: economics. If he becomes the European chairman and if I get to know his hour of birth, I'll be back on this chart.

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