Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturn square Pluto and conspiracy theories

It is Saturn square Pluto time. Maybe that is why there are new conspiracy theories, for example about the vaccination campaigns for Mexican Flu (H1N1). There are examples of the effect of Saturn-Pluto related to conspiracies about 9/11 on this blog here. They are:
- David Ray Griffin with a narrow Saturn square Pluto,
- Mel Gibson with Sun in Capricorn semi square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Pluto and
- Charlie Sheen with Sun conjunct Pluto and opposition Saturn.....

Saturn and Pluto at worst are the perfect combination of fear and danger, mistrust and anger. With Saturn and Pluto related to Aries Point, theories about nano particles in the vaccin to offer the government the chance to know about your whereabouts and more, reach the public. There is a Minister of Health in Europe whose progressed Sun is now conjunct transit Pluto and square transit Saturn. He has tried (too late) to convince the public that it is really really safe to be vaccinated. But the reactions on the web tell me that a lot of people have strong (Pluto) reservations (Saturn), still.

This period of conspiracy theories will be over soon enough. The Winter Solstice will bring a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius: new hope is coming up!

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