Saturday, November 14, 2009

Celebrating Saturn return

It was my second Saturn return, a sort of a second birthday, yesterday, at 17:30 MET. With the solar return we use to celebrate our birthday, every year. When Saturn returns to his position at birth we usually don't eat cake or get presents and nobody is congratulating us. Maybe that is because we consider Saturn to be the symbol of old age, maturity, responsibility and restrictions. Still, it is Christmas time and New Years' day in Capricorn time and Saturn is supposed to dispose of Capricorn. The Roman Saturnalia were big parties in honour of Saturn!

So I thought that it is time to have another look at my Saturn return and see the good side of getting older, ending a period of about 30 years and knowing that you are entering another lifetime: old age:). What is the benefit of it?

With my first Saturn return I certainly understood the limitations and reality of life, but I can't blame Saturn for the fact that it was depressing sometimes. There were progressions and transits with Neptune at that time. Saturn was the stabilizing factor, perhaps. 'There ARE responsibilities and duties and there ARE limitations, this is real life!' That was perhaps the message of the Saturn return in Neptunic times. I know of a person who litteraly met the man with the axe during the first Saturn return, so it could be worse:)

Saturn's return might tell me now that it is far too late to name it. Saturn's return comes with considerations about the final years before stepping back and starting to be without a job and without perspectives (well, unless you are a Chinese politician, an English queen or a wise old witch). It is over, dear! You entered the so called 55+ zone and you are about to be launched to the next room. Don't look now, because it is rather depressing. It is the FINAL room.

Oh dear, I forgot to see the positive side of Saturn's return. Here it is:
Saturn's return makes you aware of time and age. Time to consolidate, count your blessings and face reality. Saturn is helping you through a period of change. At age 30 you were not young and funny any more, but mature and facing a career to be made or the obligations of parenthood. At age 60, however, you are not even mature any more. You are a senior and facing the obligation to stop your career, be wise and have everything under control (freezer filled, house waterproof, money in the bank, you might need it later). Time to stop, look around and see what needs to be done next. A moment of considerations.

The pleasant side of it is that you might conclude that everything is in order and (sigh...) you did your very best to come to this age, the second Saturn return. Maybe you have grandchildren by now and you might enjoy it. Maybe you look forward to stop working and have more time for yourself. Maybe you can be congratulated with this special moment. You are old now, you are your own parent and you have total control. Wow! I go out and I will buy a piece of cake! The good thing about celebrating Saturn's return this way is that Saturn will return again on March 18 and August 7 2010! Two more sweet moment to look forward to:)...And it is in line with history: see how the Romans celebrated the Saturnalia with big parties! Here is the link...


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