Friday, November 19, 2010

Donald Trump for president? About Pluto in his chart.

Donald Trump announced that he is considering to be the Republican nominee for the presidency in 2012 and that he might spend $200 million dollar in order to win the elections. When Pluto is ‘calling’ in’ a chart (and when you have enough money to spend) it is hard to resist the call for power.

Pluto is the symbol of power, strategy, manipulation, influence, force and …politicis. Pluto doesn’t make a major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees in the natal chart of Donald Trump. That means that Pluto will be manifested at any level, somehow, anyhow. His Pluto is square the Taurus Midheaven. It is a sort of a vocation to resonate Pluto in the career. His objective (Midheaven) is ‘to have’ (Taurus). Taurus is the money sign, related to the second house of money. Pluto is related to the 8th house of values. The combination of 2-8 and Venus-Pluto is the money axis. In the chart of Donald Trump there are no planets, sun or moon in earth signs. The absence of positions in earth signs creates a ‘call’ for material security. That is the driving force behind Donald Trump. With Jupiter semisesquisquare (67.5d) Pluto the planet of growth and successes joins the drive. But he has been poor, too…Continue for the chart and  more...

Donald Trump has Neptune in the second house. His early success started in 1968. In the progressed Jupiter had entered the second house of money, too...In 1990 Jupiter left the second house of the progressed chart. His financial 'luck' vanished. 

It is November 2, 1992, the day that he couldn't pay his debts in the middle of a period of financial problems. Transit Pholus was conjunct his Ascendant (turning point in a situation), transit Pluto was inconjunct his Sun (challenge with a lost) and inconjunct progressed Midheaven (lost position due to problems). Later there was progressed Sun conjunct Pluto, expressing the strong will to come back and intensifying life. But on February 17, 2009 Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy and Trump resigned from the board. Again! That was with Neptune conjunct Ascendant in the progressed chart soon after the square between Neptune and Midheaven in the progressed chart.

Perhaps these continuing financial problems are shown by Mercury  ruler 2 square Neptune in the second house of money. Quoting Bob Marks about Neptune in the 2nd house:
"Where are my life savings? I left them here a moment ago". 
Trump has Uranus rising before the Sun and a 'calling' Pluto in the natal chart. The combinaton of Uranus and Pluto as eye catchers of the chart shows the radical, revolutionary and ...the politician who wants to change the world into a better place (at least: in his own eyes). When Pluto is 'calling' there is a vocation for all sorts of careers with money, values, power, influence, strategy and issues of life and death involved, at any possible level. His Pluto is square Midheaven. And in the progressed chart the combination Mercury, Saturn and Pluto (for the politician’s mind and the strategy of communications) is risig before his sun. So he might be serious and not kidding about his ambition to be the next President. 

CERES (dynasty and legacy)
Did you notice AC/MC-Ceres? His empire was founded by his father. Ceres is the symbol of dynasties (and the importance of genetic material). And it seems that a lot of the property carrying his name is in the legal hands of his children.
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