Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mercury inconjunct Jupiter (the thunder boy)

Imagine...Jupiter, at worst, can be very offended, annoyed, enraged and upset. Wodan (the German Jupiter) used to throw his hammer and start the lighting and thunder. That is what happens when Jupiter is discontented and wrathful. Mercury is for communications. An annoyed Jupiter using his voice and/or the pen to express that he is offended, angry and convinced of his own ideas. That is when Mercury-Jupiter is starting to use 'big words' (like 'God hates you').  Perhaps the 'big mouth' is another translation of Mercury-Jupiter at a certain level of communications? 

Today, November 13, is the birthday of Mr. Phelps, the hate speacher. He shows up at funerals to express his joy over the death of soldiers and homosexuals. He is a Christian fundamentalist. I have written about the position in his chart and in the chart of his Scorpio daughter before (link below), trying to explain them. Today I remembered that post and the fact that Phelps has Mercury inconjunct Jupiter. In the earlier post I hadn't so much mentioned that Mercury and Jupiter are 'calling' in his chart, so that this difficult aspect combination is prominent in his chart and will resonate at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. That makes his Mercury-Jupiter conflict a perfect example of what happens when balance is lost when you think that you are righter than right, when you are convinced of your intellectual superiority and when you don't seem to mind about the effect of your moral pronouncements. 

A chart doesn't judge and certainly not the way that Phelps does:). Mercury-Jupiter is the combination of successful speaking and yes, Fred Phelps IS spreading (Jupiter) ideas and messages (Mercury), but (inconjunction), there is a 'but'...and in this case the ' but' is that  there is so much extraordinary thunder and lightning (somehow, any possible level). 

Of course Fred Phelp's Mercury-Jupiter aspect is not all that explains his actions, but it is part of it.

Mercury-Jupiter, even the hard aspects, promisses successes with communications and transportation for those who know how to benefit from their study, knowledge and communication skills. In fact, a 'calling' Mercury-Jupiter affliction can be the mirror of a lot of sold books. (And in fact, mr. Phelps has a lot of supporters and followers.)


His most recent action:

Mercury square Jupiter in the chart of Joran van der Sloot

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