Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eddie Chapman and the chart of his day of birth

Just enjoyed BBC's story of Scorpio Eddie Chapman (aka Agent ZigZag), a criminal and a double agent in WW2. His activities saved many lives in London. Read the story on BBC: Ben Macintyre wrote a book about him. Here is my view on what in his chart contributed to his way of living. He was a spy and he also was a womanizer who didn't (manage to) keep his promise to a Norwegian mistress who spent months in jail because after the war the Norwegian judges didn't believe that the German officer in her house was in fact a British spy. And he didn't come back to tell them...

1. Broaken oaths...
He was born on November 16, 1914 with Sun inconjunct Orcus, symbol of broaken oaths.

2. The international
Do you mind if I like the fact that his Jupiter didn't make major aspects? That made him an international at any possible level!
It wouldn't surprise me if the midpoint Sun/Moon was square his 'calling' Jupiter. He escaped many times and lived in France, Norway and on a Canary island (Spain). He also was fond of fast cars. His Venus and Mars in Sagittarius might have attracted him to travelling.

3. Courage
He was an expert in explosives and didn't seem to have a problem with stress or tension much. Moon in Scorpio is courageous...

There are a number of necessary 'ingredients' to be a double agent, convincing and not afraid to even get back to occupied Europe. With his character and ability to convince (or cheat) he was fit for the job at that moment in history.

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