Friday, November 25, 2011

The transit Saturn opposition Moon experience

Ever experienced transit Saturn in hard aspect with progressed Moon? It is depressing! It is marking a nasty period to remember. For me it is about being ill too long and watching sad stories.

Remember that on October 6 I had an acute vertigo with Pr A/M opposition Neptune and shortly after an exact transit Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra? It was very accurate 'Astrologic' for being ill in the field of balance (Libra). They told me that I would be cured in maximum 6 weeks. Most sites tell that and some people think that I should have been better because the books and sites say so. But it has been 8 weeks now and I am not much less dizzy and tired than it was 4 weeks ago! (Though I can write this post now and I couldn't do this in the first week, of course.) I had 3 days to remember how life was before the attack, and I had 47 days more or less seasick and tired. It's not as they said, but thanks to the internet I know that I am not the only exception at all! See the links for info and help in the UK ...It is a very interesting site about Labyrinthitis, written by two young women who have been suffering for months (or years)! I hope that I stop being 'dizzy' much sooner! But I couldn't help worrying, could I, with transit Saturn?

One day I will be OK, I know! That doesn't mean that I haven''t felt Saturn on my Moon! The aspect was exact last Sunday. That is when I watched a sad play (Ivan and the dogs, see YouTube) about the real life story of a homeless boy in Russia, who was sort of saved by dogs and in the end (unlike in the real life story) the dogs died! OMG! This didn't exactly help to make me feel happy! I love dogs (I have Sun sextile Neptune -read about Sun trine Neptune and dog lovers - and see the doggyscope on Astromarkt). It seems that I keep seeing sad stories everywhere! We are all in the middle of an economic and political depression, of course, and life is harder for others, I know, but I am glad that Saturn moves on. However, the old man is on his way to a square with Mars, just before Christmas. I will tell you what happened...

Today, I have one of those days that I would almost believe that the 'virus' (or whatever) has left my inner ear forever (but even though the Moon is in Sagittarius, I hesitate to start cheering).  I feel light and when I shake my head there is only a faint resonation of the movement. Can I see progress in the chart? Yes I can: Transit Jupiter sextile Jupiter. This should mean balance and equilibrium (that is what Hand says about this transit. For some reason there is a lot of balance in the text)! The transit will be exact very soon, on November 30. It will be exact again on January 20 2012 (with a number of transits indicating change and P Moon trine Venus). Maybe there is some progress in between! I consider the Pluto transit to be one of the indications of change and ... come backs! On December 20 transit Pluto is semi square my Progressed Sun. So, maybe just a few more weeks to go. 

What happened to you with transit Saturn with Moon or Mars? And/or how for those who had vertigo once: what transits and progressions accompanied that in your life?

1. gives a lot of information!

2. When you have transit Saturn opposition Moon or progressed Moon it is even harder when you try to keep up appearances and look 'normal', even though the mirror shows the contrary. (Have you read the Moon-Saturn post yet?)

3. In the post about Progressed Moon signs and body care I told (myself) that I should take care with dying hair now that I have Progressed Moon in Aries. The day before I had the attack I paid a visit to the hair dresser! 
4. In the post about aspect with Progressed Moon I mentined that with Saturn you tend to have low expectations and worry too much. 
5. I have Prg Moon in the first house and this is what I wrote about that:
Progressed Moon through the first house: growing need to present yourself, emotional coming out
This progressed Moon changes your attitude and often also the way you look. People will tell you how you have changed and find you more attractive. Your emotional coming out might cost you a lot of handkerchiefs...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry you are ill. Feel better soon! Saturn was opposite my natal Moon when I lost my father. Deep sadness, obviously.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've had exactly what you had! I know, its not fun. I can't remember the exact time though, so don't know the aspects. I remember it was when someone I knew and trusted and relied on greatly left to go on holidays for a few weeks, and I was very sad....felt all alone. It happened again when she left a second time. I actually dealt with it on an emotional level...realized it had a lot to do with fear and sadness, so I really did some processing of emotion, got to the root of the issue emotionally, and it never came back. You know what they say, all physical symptoms have emotions at their root. It's worth a shot. Hope you get better soon

barb said...

I just had Saturn square my Moon. Extra responsibilities with my parents, but its better now. Just one hit too! Right now I've got Saturn inconjuncting my Mars.....two more hits to go. Low energy with this one.

Astromarkt said...

Txs for the comments! Just noticed that George Michael, suffering from a serious pneumonia, has transit Saturn inconjuct Progressed Moon (Inconjuction is often related to being ill and 'out Of balance'). Worrying, that's truely part of it and when you are ill, you are bound to worry.

Dr. D. said...

Wow, what a post! Natally, I have my Aries Moon (cusp of 4th house) opposition Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct Midheaven). Right now, transiting Saturn is opposition my Moon!

And let me tell matters took a turn for the worse this weekend! My brother made a rude comment to me out of nowhere that really set me off, I pulled a knife on him in the kitchen, and he jumped me. Meanwhile, my mother saw the whole thing and did nothing but hold the dog back because he would have slaughtered my brother had she unleashed him.

So as a result of all this, I'm locking myself up in my room until I move out in April for graduate school. Since Saturn is transiting my 9th house of higher education and it's almost at my Midheaven (with my Saturn Return occurring later this year), duty is calling! I have a career to pursue, education to finalize, and a new life to build.

Honestly, if I never hear from my brother or mother, I don't care..even if the next time I see them is at their funerals. And if that's the case, I better be in the will or I'm suing hardcore.