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Astrology and how John (es)Capes the submarine

Hero again, after death, is John Capes. The BBC broadcasted a documentary about the incredibly story of his escape out of the Perseus, a submarine in 1941. 

John Capes was a man who survived a disaster, but he was not completely believed until after he died. He was born September 20, 1910 and he escaped out of the sunken submarine ‘Perseus’ on December 6, 1941. You can read the story, verified in 1997 (12 years after he died), on

I was interested to see what in the chart tells us about the facts mentioned in the story.

When he was the only survivor after his submarine hit a mine, he had Progressed Sun trine Pluto. It is a ‘traditional’ aspect for a survival (a come back) and the trine is supposed to be harmonious (or showing a way out). It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be a survivor or winner in the traditional idea of what winning is. See the note. 

There is a tight Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination in the chart. He survived but he watched his mates die. Unnatural or violent death was part of his life. With Mars biquintile Saturn he found a creative way to discipline himself or have himself disciplined.

Transit Uranus was trine natal Sun. That is for adventures and unexpected changes. There is a trine between Sun and Uranus in his natal chart that tells us that he wanted to be independent and that he was inventive. That probably saved his life.

Transit Neptune was conjunct his natal Mars in Virgo. I think that that is a good astrological translation for the service of the navy. Neptune is the kind of symbol that goes along with disappearances and vanishing. His submarine went down and wasn’t found until after he died. He spent months hiding away from the enemy and had been reported missing.

Progressed Sun inconjunct Nessus is another sign of loss. In the natal chart the Sun is opposition Nessus.

Transit Pluto square Saturn is an aspect combination that I use to name ‘the die hard’ combination (with the risk of the boomerang effect later). He survived in such an extraordinary way that he wasn’t believed. I think that must have been nasty…

He was not believed. His story was almost unbelievable. And he was known as a story teller. That is because of Mercury in his chart. There are two possibities. Either Mercury doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and Capes was the kind of man who communicated a lot at any possible level or the Moon was opposition Mercury and Capes had a habit of adapting the fact to the audience. But this story was true…

In the natal chart Sun is square Pluto and conjunct Mars. He was likely strong and had an enormous drive. During the war he had the opportunity (trine) to show the world how strong he in fact was. He was decorated, but there were always doubts. And yet, it was after death that he became a hero. 

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There is another example of how Sun trine Pluto sometimes makes a man a hero because after death. The man who burned himself and later became the hero of the revolution in Tunesia (born March 29, 1984) had Transit Pluto trine Progressed Sun in that period of time. 

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