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The concern in the chart of the Pope

A chart should be seen in the light of a person’s age and status. The chart of the pope, too.

There is growing concern about the condition and health of Pope Benedict XVI since his last trip to Africa. It seems that he is exhausted. With Christmas on the way and a planned trip to Mexico in a few months time it will be hard to find enough time to rest for the 85 year old leader of the Roman Catholic Church.  And it seems that he needs that. The concern is reflected by the chart, transits and progressions. The planets involved are Saturn, Pholus , Mars and Uranus.


Transit Saturn was opposition his natal Sun in the last week of November and square Sun/Moon midpoint mid October. That is enough for repeated concern, worries or setbacks. Saturn square Sun/Moon makes it hard to get motivated. Saturn with Sun often (at this age!) is reflecting the fact that there is little you can do about aging.  Problems never come alone. The recent upset in Dutch media about numerous cases of child abuse in the RC church can’t be denied and faces him with the mistakes (Saturn) of the past.

On April 29 there will be another opposition of Saturn with his natal Sun and again on August 19, shortly after transit Mars opposition Sun. End of July/early August Mars will be square the progressed Sun, too. Those transits are hard to deal with.


Another astrological point of concern is transit Pholus, recently inconjunct the progressed Sun and soon to be square the Ascendant. That means that he recently had a turning point in life (or life style) with a loss involved. And that his circumstances are to change within weeks. Now that there is concern about his official duties during the week of Xmas, transit Pholus is square progressed Midheaven (changing status and conditions).


I live in a country where they find people over 55 too old to give them a job. The pope is 30 years older than that. His activities and his social top position on his age are rare (maybe except for China). Few of us reach the moment that transit Uranus returns to the position at birth. That is what the pope will see exactly on New Year’s Eve, soon after transit Saturn inconjunct his Mercury. And as most of us don't get that old, there is little information about the Uranus return. Could it be a last chance for change? When my life style changed completely I had Uranus opposition Uranus, the progressed Sun sign changing and luckily I also had Progressed Moon trine Jupiter. So my life changed for the benefit of myself (in the long term). But I don't see a lucky transit or progression in the chart of the Pope right now. So he'd better take good care of himself and avoid rushes and 'hurrying'. Uranus return is a few days after transit Mars opposition Ascendant (around December 28). And in January Saturn will be inconjunct natal Venus and...


If you want some good news about the Pope, here it is. In 2010 (see link) he also had very difficult transits and progressions. It may have cost him some energy, but he is still the Pope. There were previous concerns in 2003 (!). But charts don't lie and this chart mirrors worries and being tired.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now.

Also visit: for example about the astrology of popes. I quote:

The natal chart of the present Pope Benedict 16th has a crucial and calling Jupiter and Saturn, the combination for hierarchy and a vocation for clergy. Saturn is on top, so that he is above all a conservative in his conviction (Sagittarius) but open and tolerant in his aproach. Jupiter in Pisces calling can also be read as a call for expressing devotion at any possible level. Sun trine Neptune is an excellent combination for a spiritual leader.
BTW, an interesting position is that of Uranus, rising before the Sun. When Pope Benedict started his job, people spoke of an intermin pope, because of his age. However, Uranus position (oriental) is frequent in the chart of those who became older than average.

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