Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A doggy story

The natal positions, transits and progressions of dogs are just as much in line with ‘what happens’ as those of human beings. Today our ‘family dog’ underwent surgery, a spleenectomy. She is the oldest living dog of her race in the country and that is why it was difficult to decide what to do. But it was her lucky day (transit Sun trine her Jupiter; she will have a new basket soon as she gets home), the tumors have been removed (transit Pluto - sic- trine Progressed Sun) and now she may recover. However (see the chart) there is an awful lot of Saturn to remind her of her age.
First she had Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn and Mars on her Sun during an infection. She had transit Saturn opposition natal Sun and conjunct natal Pholus. That doesn’t ‘sound’ like an easy period in life. Still she manages to be cheerful. At the moment she is still asleep…
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Also visit: if you want to see the chart of the dog.
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