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Pholus and Saturn when you retire?

Today it is the 74th birthday of Queen Beatrix and just like every year there is speculation about her possible abdication in favor of her son Willem-Alexander. The previous abdications were with Saturn 'around'. But that doesn't mean that every time that Saturn is of importance in the chart of a queen, she is about to finish her job. For example: you need to be old enough:)!  

In http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/06/astrological-signs-of-changing-times.html I mentioned that it takes three or more of the aspects of change (like for example: Sun-Uranus) to mirror a life changing effect. I don’t know if it is advisable to choose a period with hard indications of change to retire, start another career or abdicate, but  it is not a matter of free choice for all. 

Changes such as retirements don’t pop up on one day. There is a period of considerations and calculations before the decision is made to step back, on THAT day. Saturn is always there when a function or status or period in life definitely ends. Saturn is also around when a responsibility becomes part of your life. That is why we see Saturn on the meridian of Queens around coronation time and again when they decide to abdicate. Saturn is a ‘must-have’ ingredient for such changes. But as you may see, Pholus is also around.


A. Abdication
The chart of Dutch Queen Juliana at the moment of abdication in favor of her daughter Beatrix shows:
  • Transit Uranus inconjunct Ascendant (There were riots in Amsterdam, so a lot of nerves)
  • Progressed Quaoar conjunct Progressed Ascendant (A new perspective on the way…)
  • Progressed Sun inconjunct Descendant ‘sounds’ like sunset. 
  • And Progressed Ascendant trine Progressed Moon tells us about a moment of appearance to remember. 
  • As it happened on her birthday, the Sun was conjunct her natal Sun so that she was ‘in the spotlights’. 

B. Coronation
The picture in the sky is not as spectacular as it was when she became queen. At that time, Pholus made 4 aspects:
. T Pholus inconjunct P Venus
. T Pholus sextile P MC
. Progressed Pholus inconjunct Progressed MC
. T Pholus at the Progressed Descendant
They mark an important change for her as a wife, in her position and in the way that others see her. In the months before progressed Sun sextile Saturn and sextile Quaoar and Saturn on her IC mirrored the ‘duty’ that she faced.
I like the fact that on the specific day transit Sun was conjunct Progressed Sun (it was her progressed birthdayJ).

The abdication of her mother Queen Wilhelmina was with transit Saturn trine Saturn and transit Pholus square Saturn.

So maybe we need not expect ‘spectacular’ and lots of indications for the moment that Queen Beatrix, steps back in favor of her son, Willem Alexander. However, Beatrix is a different kind of woman and more ambitious. It might be harder for her to step back (if she ever does).

Beatrix became Queen. What did her chart show on that day?

. Transit Pholus (change) was conjunct Progressed Ceres (dynasty)
. Progressed MC was semi square Saturn
. Transit Neptune was on the Progressed Descendant
. Transit Venus was square her Progressed Sun
. Just like her mother, Beatrix had Saturn near the (Progressed) IC.

It was a difficult moment in Dutch history. In church you could hear the people shouting and it was rather dangerous at a certain moment.

Every year at Beatrix’ birthday and around Queen’s Day (April 30) there is a lot of speculating about the yes or no abdication of Beatrix. On April 28 this year Beatrix will have 
  • transit Uranus exactly square her Midheaven, 
  • transit Pholus square Progressed MC and 
  • transit Pholus inconjunct Progressed Ascendant, 
  • Saturn (again) opposition progressed Sun and 
  • Jupiter sextile Progressed Ascendant and 
  • Jupiter sextile Progressed Midheaven. 
There might be surprising or shocking news and it might well be a 'present' for her sun: abdication. His chart:
  • His MC square Ceres, 
  • transit Pholus opposition Sun and 
  • transit Pluto square Progressed MC 
This, on his birthday might point at change as well. But in fact, there is such a moment of possible change, every year. Next year, for example:
  • with transit Saturn on his Ascendant, 
  • Pholus still opposition progressed Sun, 
  • transit Uranus on the progressed IC, 
  • transit Jupiter trine progressed Mars 
2013 might be a better choice, because transit Neptune is still on his midpoint Sun/Moon this year (though I noticed that Neptune was 'there' whenever there was a coronation). His mother will have a solar return with Sun square Saturn and Moon on IC in 2013. So I'd guess that 2013 might be 'the' year, but I wouldn't bet my money on it (maybe a chocolate bar:).
Natal, transits and progressions in 2012
Natal, transits and progressions in 2013

It will be nice to see what choice will (or won’t) be made. Charts of royals and official moments like this are great tools for the study of astrology. Saturn and Pholus seem to mark moments of official change of status. I have such a moment mid 2013 and I am curious! I also wonder if you, reader, had a moment of 'abdication' or retirement and also noticed Saturn (and Pholus) as the keys in your (progressed) chart. 

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