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Putin and Surkov, the synastry and Orcus

Vow by Henri Leys (Hermitage)
Last week there was a very interesting development in Russia. Putin appointed Surkov in his government. Surkov is the founder of a radical pro Putin movement named Nashi (see Wikipedia He is also the 
architect of Putin's policy to 'manage democracy' (see Wiki). The reason that I write about their chars is because of the synastry with Orcus and the similarity in their charts. And because of the strange timing of the appointment.

It is clear that Surkov and Putin are strategic political comrades. What they share is the will to be in control, always (and what they don't want is criticism). 

Both have a Sun-Saturn conflict in the natal chart (Putin the conjunction, Surkov the inconjunction). You know that Sun-Saturn conflicts have a problem with criticism and want to be in control, always. The fact that they share this aspect means that they will join forces to keep the status quo as it is. They are managers and they manage to be in control. 

Quoting myself on Astromarkt about sharing aspects
Sun and Saturn shared makes you worry a lot if the aspect is hard. Maybe you do this, due to sharing nasty life experiences or feeling the same limitations and responsibilities. Nice trines or sextiles make you the serious couple, the parents perhaps. You go for a long time relationship and for getting old together and you are consistent in that! Your perseverence is highlghted. 
Both have Pluto rising before the Sun (and then Uranus) for strategy and policy first (and for a certain amount of radicalism). Now the synastry…and the starring role for Orcus.

They have Mars biquintile Mars, for cooperating in a creative way. They have Venus square Venus for a sort of a mutual sympathy, even though their sun signs don’t match (and neither do their moon signs*). Notice that Orcus of Putin is square the Sun of Surkov and vice versa. It says that vows, oaths and promises will be a key issue in their relationship. (There is more, like the Jupiter of Surkov inconjunct the Mars of Putin. That makes me think that the support of Surkov lead them to success but with a loss for Putin on the way). 

Why did Putin make him the First Deputy Chief (see the news: now? Isn’t it strange that this happens now that Surkov’s progressed Sun is sextile Pluto (come back, survival) and trine Orcus? And that that is shortly after transit Neptune inconjunct Surkov’s Sun? Inconjunctions of Neptune show deceptions and rumors or bad press. Demonstrations in Moscow show that the strategy isn't perfect. Surkov's progressed Sun of Surkov is applying to a square with Neptune and in my eyes, that is a sign for a bad press within 1,5 year. Again...(but maybe his personal chart with hour of birth has a better prospect for him...).

Here is the C-rated (! Take care, that means that the hour of birth might not be correct) chart of Putin. The transits are the positions on the day of birth of Surkov.

*) Which means that they are not two of a kind and that they shouldn’t get married but as there is also no conflict between the suns there won’t be a question about ‘who is the boss’.

There is a post about Orcus with examples here... The symbol of Orcus is still an object of astrological studies. 

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