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King Juan Carlos (Spain) and Saturn

The Spanish king Juan Carlos broke his leg after shooting an elephant (!watch Sun conjunct Pholus - the one who shot himself in the foot in a fight- in his natal chart!:). He apologized for this yesterday. His progressed Sun is conjunct Saturn now. You know Saturn? On Twitter I mentioned the correspondence between the word ‘breaking’ and the meaning of ‘Saturn’ in astrology. Saturn is also reflecting the hard times in his country, where unemployment and debts rule the headlines. The chart of a leader often mirrors the nations’ situation and/or vice versa, just like the chart of a coach is in line with the results of the team*). Hence, there are also family problems. Two of his sons in law are involved in scandals, too…It is Saturn time... 

At the same moment that Juan Carlos said sorry for shooting the elephant, the press spoke of his mistress, a princess, and of the fact that she is not the first one. 

On Astromarkt I mentioned their marriage in an article named ‘Saturn in love’: On Astrology&Love there is more about the couple and the way that they do or don’t ‘match’. Saturn is the glue in a marriage. Often Venus-Saturn mirrors the ‘dulce (sweet Venus) decorum (decent duty)’ of the fa├žade of a long lasting but practically dead marriage. Saturn is about obligations, parenthood, mortgages and other kind of glue that keeps the couple together for business sake or because of responsibilities and decorum. Saturn rules Capricorn. Juan Carlos has Sun and Venus in Capricorn. Sofia has Venus trine Saturn.

I like to have a look at the present positions (transits and progressions) of their charts. 

The charts seem to be in line with the social position of Juan Carlos, who is being criticized because of his behavior in times of trouble. Yesterday, his wife returned from Greece (where she uses to spend her holidays) and she went to the hospital to see her husband for no more than 15 minutes. Short! That is Saturn in astrology. 
  • Transit Saturn is on Sofia’s descendant. 
  • Earlier transit Saturn was square her Progressed Sun and
  • Transit Saturn was inconjunct Progressed Midheaven.
Saturn can be depressing and cold (like a 'dementor'). Her husband knows, because he has Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn (and trine Pluto, so he will survive anyway as it is the 'die hard' combination).
Yes, Saturn is so conspicuous in their transits and progressions right now that you can't miss him. 

! Even the chart positions of the wedding day (on May 14 it will be 50 years!) has difficulties: progressed Sun trine Neptune might make it a 'fairy tale' but there is and inconjunction of progressed Sun with Saturn and ... transit Saturn inconjunct the Sun of May 14 doesn't help much, either. I wouldn't like to invite a disproportionate Saturn on my party! (Having a broken leg when you should be dancing is never nice:). 

PS about the natal chart of Juan Carlos:
- the Moon is calling (not making Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) for the importance of his needs and habits and for 'involvement' at any level
- Jupiter and Pluto are angular (and the Jupiter-Pluto combination is a statement of succes);
- Neptune in the 5th house 'calling' for idealism and religion or any level;
- Saturn trine Pluto (a harmonic relationship between concentration and focus, being a 'die hard' (also for yourself) and having control): it is the tightest aspect combination and Pluto is opposition Midheaven for the importance of authority. He doesn't seem to have a problem with maintaining his status.
- the element fire is missing and maybe that is a sign for energy and drive at any possible level

The unaspected Moon and Neptune point at feelings of empathy and commitment at any possible level (up and down) and could also refer to the affairs that he had (Neptune in the 5th). Conflicts between Moon and Neptune are one of the 4 indications for divorce, specifically for men. 

In October 2010 a Dutch newspaper reported about a possible son of Juan Carlos named Alberto, born when Juan Carlos was only 19.

Queen Sofia said in 2008, that she was a 100% Spanish.

Source hour of birth Sofia:

The chart of the Japanese emperor and Saturn during the disaster in Japan: 

The chart of the King of Sweden when his past became an issue with Saturn square Sun: 

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