Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sun Saturn and the scapegoat?

Today it is April 4. In 1968 Martin Luther King was murdered on April 4. So I had a look at his chart and than I got interested in the chart of the man who presumably shot him: James Earl Ray. I compared his chart with that of Lee Harvey Oswald. There are serious doubts about the involvement of these men. They both ‘confessed’ to the crime and later said they were not guilty. Now, would it be just coincidence that James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald not only have 2 forenames (and are supposed to have killed people with also 2 forenames)? More interesting for an astrologer: why do both men have a hard aspect between Sun and Saturn? I am just thinking out loud here...Why o why Sun-Saturn?

James Earl Ray's chart is above. He also has an opposition between Mercury and Neptune. I have seen that before, for example in the - strange - Friedman case (link: ) and in the chart of a Belgian young man who spent years in jail after a false confession, innocent. Mercury-Neptune and Sun-Saturn were there in the chart of one of the West Memphis suspects: And Mercury is opposition Neptune in Amanda Knox’s chart. It is a difficult aspect for truth finding, as it seems.

The family of Martin Luther King wasn’t convinced of the guilt of James Earl Ray when they had contact in 1997.  That was when James Early Ray’s progressed Sun was square Neptune. It didn’t help him much. 

Fact is that James Earl Ray was a thief and a fraud. It was rather easy to believe in his guilt. At a certain point, his faults turned against him. Maybe that is one of the Sun-Saturn themes. It is easy to see them in the charts of dictators who come to the fall.

There is also a hard aspect between Sun and Saturn in the chart of other suspects. A Norwegian former soldier is in jail in Africa after having been found guilty of man slaughter and he has a Sun-Saturn conflict in the natal chart, too. The Sun-Saturn affliction doesn’t always turn you into a scapegoat. Sun-Saturn aspects are frequent in the charts of managers, dictators and civil girls who marry a member of the royalty. Dark Astrology mentions a few famous astrologers with a hard Sun-Saturn aspect like there are Nicholas Culpeper (see about his chart here ), William Lilly and Robert E. Zoller (link here: )
 Saturn is just the symbol of status, ambition, position and responsibility. Afflictions with Saturn make it hard to deal with duty, matters of guilt and debt and the career. Being blamed or being subject to criticism is one of the ways that a Sun-Saturn aspect might resonate in daily life.
Self control (and control over others or being controlled) seems to be the main issue for Sun-Saturn. It is amazing that this aspect turns up in the chart of two suspects who left the world wondering about their guilt or involvement in historical murder cases. But maybe it is not so amazing when you read Sun-Saturn as the spotlights on your mistakes, faults and guilt (either by yourself or by means of judgement by others). The mistake of James Earl Ray was that he was a criminal and a racist, had a gun, was near the scene of the crime and that he said that he did it. And maybe that was all and the name of the real murderer of Martin Luther King remains a ? 

Here is the chart of Martin Luther King with the natal positions of James Earl Ray on the outside:

Charts (I can't say and write it enough) aren't judges and can't be used for guilt finding...Charts don't make scapegoats, they simply signal an important issue and life developments. When James Earl Ray was arrested, his progressed Sun had changed sign and his life style changed, completely.

This was me thinking about the Sun-Saturn affliction in the charts of J.E. Ray and L.H. Oswald. Please think along with me about this aspect. Your take on it is welcome.

I can understand the effect of Sun inconjunct Saturn and losing control over your life (see:  and think of Amanda Knox).

I can understand why managers manage to be in charge and in control with Sun-Saturn:

The fact that they are ‘only’ civilians might be hard to deal with when Sun-Saturn girls marry a future king:

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barb said...

Fascinating! Yes, it seems that Sun Saturn people are also quite fearful of being controlled, and therefore work hard to rise to the top. Isn't it interesting that here they ended up in the position that they most feared....being controlled! Saturns lessons...making you face your fears.

Anonymous said...

I have saturn square sun, mars and conjunct moon and it's treu among others i fera beeing controlled so i end up quitting my job and reducing my interactions with people, except those i really feel don't try to control me and just accept me as i am.