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Chart of Juan Carlos and Alberto (his first son?)

According to a Dutch newspaper (and nowhere else on the internet) Alberto Fernando Augusto claims that he is the son of King Juan Carlos, born when the Spanish king was only 19 years old. Here is the chart of Juan Carlos (the transits are for the day of birth of Alberto Fernando Augusto Sola Jimenez on September 3, 1956 in Barcelona). On that day in 1956 Pluto rises before the Sun conjunct Jupiter and the Moon is in Leo, very likely in hard aspect with Pluto and Saturn.
chart of Juan Carlos with transits of d.o.b. Alberto

Transit Pholus has recently been square his Sun and Jupiter (turning point in life and conviction) and transit Quaoar is almost square his Mars (new perspective in a struggle). 
 As he is 54 the progressed Sun is now in the 5th degree of Scorpio and that is square natal Uranus and almost square Pholus. That is a lot of change, new perspectives and turning points in one year. 
Chart of day of birth of Alberto, with today's transits

How is the match with the chart of his supposed to be father?

His Jupiter is opposition Juan Carlos' Mars
His Sun is trine JC's Uranus
His Pluto is inconjunct the King's Midheaven
His Neptune is square the King's Midheaven
His Uranus is opposition the Sun/Moon of Juan Carlos and 75 d AC

If his story is true and Juan Carlos is his father than the combination could be the reflection of a few parts of the story. For example, Neptune and Pluto with the King's MC ...that is for the secrecy and discretion that he associates with the King's position. And Uranus opposition Sun/Moon is expressing the enstrangement and the upheaval in the family life of the king.

URANUS (alienation and sensation)
The Uranus-Sun combination doesn't lessen the distance, that is certain. Uranus is of vital importance in the interaction between the charts. Uranus is (among other meanings) the planet of sensational news...and that is just all that it might be. 

In the natal chart of Alberto Fernando Augusto the Sun is semi quintile Uranus and Sun is trine Uranus in the chart of the King. They seem to share an aspect that includes independence and individuality. And perhaps this combination mirrors the enstrangement (alienation) that separated the lives of a father and the son that was born before births were wanted.

Juan Carlos is not the first king with children of other women than his own. Think of Albert of Belgium, who has never recognized his daughter. Albert has Sun semi square Uranus, Juan Carlos has Sun trine Uranus. Let us see if the nature of the aspect makes a difference for the child in question. A simple DNA-test could tell the truth about the story and offer an opportunity to correct past mistakes. But why should a king go through such a procedure, anyway? Transit Uranus is almost on the progressed Sun of the King and sextile his Midheaven. Perhaps it is just coincidence that Uranus has such an important part to play in the charts of both men and perhaps Uranus is just reflecting the upheaval about the question if Juan Carlos was a father at age 19. But if it is not, Uranus might be mirroring something from the past that comes back for another chance.  However, there is another possibility: that the charts of Juan Carlos and Alberto Sola Jimenez and their names just happen to be interacting and that they have nothing to do with each other. Only if they are related or when they would meet each other, the interaction of individuals could mirror the interaction of charts. 

Sometimes your chart makes aspects with the chart of another person, a celebrity or someone you don’t know. This interaction of charts only has a meaning when you are personally involved with the person, when there is personal interaction. That  is because:

Charts don’t tell, charts don’t judge, charts simply mirror earthly situations, but always in the context of the situation and conditions of time and place.

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PS the picture in the paper shows a man who looks a lot like Juan Carlos. That might of course have influenced his belief that he is his son and it might also mean more. 

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