Monday, October 11, 2010

Michael Douglas and Pluto

AA rated chart of Michael Douglas, transits and progressions

Pluto is the symbol of problems, challenges, force, power, strength, strategy and intensity. With Pluto, you get to your core business and you often learn what is really important for you. When Pluto hits your Sun, you are living more intensely than ever, for whatever reason. Michael Douglas just finished his chemo and transit Pluto is square his Sun and about to join the natal Moon in Capricorn. Pluto-Sun  transits often accompany a come-back (with all of the difficulties that it takes to get back). A comeback requires an extra strong enforcement and so does a recovery or a cure like hell...Pluto is the symbol of destruction and reorganization and that is why the transit of Pluto seems to match with the effects of a cure against cancer. 

There is more in Michael Douglas' chart. The progressed Ascendant is opposition Saturn (in the 8th house in the natal chart) and that is resonating the hard situation.  Pluto is the ruler of the 8th house of Scorpio. Saturn is in the natal 8th house. Now there are 2 indications for life threatening situations. The progressed Moon in the 8th house is the 3rd reflection of the life and death conditions.

It takes 3 to tango. When there are 3 important indications pointing in the same direction, it is likely that a major event is taking place. In the case of Michael Douglas it is a heavy and nasty treatment against a life threatening tumor, indicated by the 8th house of life and death. The transits and progressions are not with Jupiter, Venus and the 5th house of pleasure...This example is illustrating that you need to study the repeating and prominent signs, as well as the significant events to see how astrology matches real life. 

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It is not the first challenging event in Michael Douglas' life this year. In Apil his son Cameron was convicted to 5 years in prison. See the post about that... (use the link)...

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