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Celine Dion's twins

(Such beautiful cakes on!)

Yesterday, on Saturday October 23, Celine Dion gave birth to a healthy pair of premature boys. There is a lot of interaction between her chart and the chart of the baby boys (with time of birth). 

Transits are actual positions of planets, Sun and Moon. Transits with the chart of a mother on the day of birth of her children are, of course,  the natal positions of the child that is born. The transits with the natal positions of the parent characterize the nature of the relationship from the start. The child is a living reminder of the period in life and of what happened on the day of birth. 
There were a lot of transits mirroring the situation when the children of Celine Dion were born, as you will notice. There were also important progressions in her chart. There is a list in this post (scroll down).

 Continue for the charts of Celine's twins, the chart drawing of Celine Dion and the link to the post about the artist in the chart of Celine Dion..

First: the chart drawing of Celine Dion:
Chart of Celine Dion with transits and progressions of October 23, 2010
BTW: this year Celine Dion's progressed Sun was trine Pluto. That was a moment of value (the progression was when she found out that she was pregnant). The symbol of motherhood (Ceres; see the labels for info) was trine her progressed Ascendant. Here is a list of more transits and progressions:

Transit Saturn opposition natal Sun 
(Transit Saturn opposition natal Sun is an important aspect. Saturn always points at parenthood, responsibilities, fear, worries and time - in this case perhaps because of the fact that the twin is premature. Saturn also mirrors the end of a period in life or the end of a lifestyle...)
Progressed Mars sextile natal Ascendant
Transit Pluto trine progressed Ascendant and Transit Pluto was also inconjunct natal Ascendant 
(Mars+Pluto with Ascendant perhaps describes the surgery)
Transit Uranus sextile progressed Midheaven (excitement, nerves)
Progressed Moon in the 18th degree of Scorpio is quindecile progressed Mars and quindecile natal Mars. 
(Another indication for possible surgery).
Transit Mars, Jupiter and Chiron are also in aspect with Celine's Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.  
And maybe you even find more. It is busy between the charts!
The Times of India reports that the babies were born between 11:11 and 11:12 a.m. See:

With this birth time at hand we can have a look at the angles and important midpoints of the moment of birth. 
Chiron of Celine was exactly conjunct their Midheaven (or in fact: transit Midheaven was conjunct Celine's Chiron or surgery). Her Ceres - motherhood!- is square the Sun/Moon midpoint (-motivation, heart and soul) of her sons. It is a nice picture of the nature of their connection.

This is the chart of the twins. 

Chart of the twins of Celine Dion with positions of the mother (the green transits)

The boys are born with a serious and ambitious Saturn rising before their Scorpio Suns and  with Uranus (conjunct Jupiter) opposition Midheaven. Uranus is mirroring the sudden changing situation at birth (with Jupiter Uranus often shows relief). The importance of Saturn is resonating the transit of Saturn opposition the Sun of their mother. 

Jupiter is square the boys' AC/MC and that is perhaps the best way of the stars above to show us that they will be successful, supported and welcomed. Jupiter often comes in the shape of a doctor and assistance. Jupiter is biquintile the Sun. That means: finding creative ways to be confident and grow (up).  And that is the first thing that needs to be done now...:)
(Hope they will have as much fun as the YouTube twins...)

Curious about the artist in the chart of Celine Dion? See Art&Astrology here...
For more about Ceres and for more about twins, see the labels (click them and you will see all posts about it).


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Star said...

Hartelijk dank, Marga, voor deze uitgebreide kijk op Céline Dion en haar net geboren jongens-tweeling!
Ik vind het zo enig voor haar, ze is een geweldige moeder voor haar andere zoon, dus met deze tweeling komt het helemaal goed! Céline is idolaat van haar kinderen!

Astrologie wérkt gewoon, dat zie je ook hier weer!

Groetjes van Star :)