Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tariq Aziz, Mars-Saturn, Jupiter inconjunct Pluto and April 28

With transit Saturn square progressed Mars Tariq Aziz has been sentenced to death yesterday. See Yahoo news:
In his natal chart Mars is sextile Saturn and sesquisemisquare (67.5d) Pluto. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is the combination of the importance of untimely or unnatural death (of yourself or others). The resonation of Mars-Saturn (tight aspect in natal chart and transit today) adds to the importance of the transit. The situation (being judged in a country ruled by opponents, risking death penalty) adds to worries.

Tariq Aziz once was an important person in the government of Saddam Hussein. Watch Jupiter in his natal chart… 

Jupiter is sesquisquare Sun and inconjunct Pluto. Sun-Jupiter-Pluto is a combination that often shows success and confidence. However, the inconjunction between Jupiter and Pluto means that there is a price to pay for success. The combination of the tightest aspects (Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-Pluto) already tells us about the strong influence of disproportional successes and hard measures. Does it surprise you, that he became a minister in 1983, with progressed Sun opposition Jupiter? It is an astrological statement of fortune and rise to success. Even without hour of birth, there is a clear message in the chart of the day of birth.

That is why I checked the others born on April 28, 1936. And then I recalled the birth data of Saddam Hussein: April 28, 1937. They were born on the same day (of another year). In ' The power of birthdays, stars and numbers' the 28th of April is linked to the fixed star Hamal. That star is of the nature of Mars and Saturn...The qualities of those born on April 28 should be: patience, discipline (Mars-Saturn!), working hard, concentrated energy and leadership. The negative sides are: use of violence and being unscrupulous. It seems to correspond with the character of Saddam and Tariq. But I very much doubt if Penelope Cruz fits in this pattern. So if you are born on April 28, remember Penelope...I have written about her marriage lateley. See Astrology & Love...

For more about Mars-Saturn, read this…
All in all it is about inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution. 

For more about inconjunctions, see the post about the effect… or use the label for more examples


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