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What is Quaoar? And about aspects with Quaoar...

Not at all
  3 (14%)

Yes, strongly
  3 (14%)

Yes, in a way, a bit
  4 (19%)

What is Quaoar?
  11 (52%)

Those are the results of my poll with the question: Have you noticed Quaoar?
If you answered: what is Quaoar, than here is the answer:

Quaoar is one of the biggest asteroids and the Indian God of creations. In astrology Quaoar is reflecting a new reality or perspective. For examples and more info, read the posts that you find here:

But perhaps you would like some more explanation. I think that Quaoar shows the creation of new perspectives (good or bad). I think that Quaoar in the natal charts shows where/how you can create or be confronted with new realities. Quaoar is very small. To have some impact, Quaoar should be prominent in the natal chart (on the angles, rising before the Sun, on Sun/Moon or AC/MC or in very tight aspect with an important planet or light). 

What could it possibly mean in a birth chart? Let me guess how aspects of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and Ascendant with Quaoar could be 'translated' (using tight 1.5 degree orbs), with examples of course. Quaoar is of importance in the charts of Paul McCartney, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ahmadinejad and Steve Jobs. Continue ....

  1. Sun-Quaoarwhen Quaoar is the first object rising  before your Sun (that is the first object when you move your finger clockwise starting from the Sun) you are likely to be a person who sees more perspective than others do and that you are able to ‘ make’ your life, create a new situation for yourself and others. That is also true if the Sun is in aspect with Quaoar. You might be creative in finding solutions.

b.    Ascendant-Quaoar, like Barack Obama has, is a good example. His Ascendant trine Quaoar apparently enables him to create new perspectives for others and that you are changing their views about the future. In a normal life, you could be the one who sees the light at the end of the tunnel sooner than others do. An inconjunction between Ascendant and Quaoar is disturbing the new horizon. Maybe you see it and others don’t. That is what happened to a right wing politician who started to give up when his secretary lost a leg while escaping a fire (caused by left protests).

c.    Moon in aspect with Quaoar: you are able to shape and create emotions and change perspectives, like Obama can. He has Moon sesquisquare Quaoar.

d.    With Sun/Moon in hard aspect with Quaoar you must be strongly motivated to create new perspectives and realities, like Dave Cameron.

e.    With Mercury semi square Quaoar you have creative ideas that often don’t seem to be understood. Mercury-Quaoar in general should produce new concepts. Steve Jobs (Apple) has Mercury exactly trine Quaoar

f.   With Mars square Quaoar you might make your own new worlds and fight for it. Mars-Quaoar sort of shapes a new perspective or horizon in a battle or war. Famous example is Ahmadinejad with Mars semi square Quaoar and quindecile Pluto. 

g.    Quaoar is essential when Quaoar is on, square or in opposition with the midpont AC/MC or in aspect with both Ascendant and Midheaven, like in the chart of Paul McCartney (see Example)

What is important to give Quaoar an opportunity to manifest is an important position in the chart (on the angles, elevated or rising just before the Sun or on AC/MC or Sun/Moon midpoint).

Famous example is Paul McCartney (singer of the Beatles). His Quaoar is prominent (angular) and in aspect with Ascendant, Midheaven and Sun! (His Quaoar on his Ascendant, square his Midheaven. The Sun is exactly square Quaoar).
This important position of the asteroid in his chart corresponds with the essential influence of creating new concepts in his life and with his creative talents (just remember how the Beatles – his band – opened the door to  a new period in music and entertainment)…*)

More about Quaoar and Pholus (symbol of the turning point) in the charts of the Beatles... More about the artists in the charts of Paul McCartney and John Lennon See the glyphe or Quaoar...

*) BTW the pattern of artistic talents in his chart is similar to the pattern of the other examples on Art&Astrology: The Moon is in aspect with Venus in Taurus (a square) and with Neptune (a novile – 40 d-) and the angular Neptune is square Midheaven. The pattern consists of aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune and the signs that they rule with Midheaven.


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Note that Frank Sinatra and Pablo Picasso both had Mars conjunct Quaoar