Friday, October 22, 2010

Nicolas Cage in financial problems

A lot of houses and a squadron of Rolls Royces led to the financial problems of Nicolas Cage. That is what his business manager said (see the link:
But what says his chart about financial problems? Here is the picture:

Progressed Venus was inconjunct natal Pluto early this year, reflecting finances (Venus Pluto) out of balance (inconjunction). The inconjunction often mirrors a lost. In this case: money losts!

Today (now that another instituation wants money) transit Saturn is exactly square his progressed Moon. Soon Transit Saturn will be conjunct Midheaven and opposition Jupiter. That doesn't sound good for those who speak 'Astrologic' . It sounds depressing, to be correct. But: transit Jupiter is square natal Ascendant again and so perhaps this time to, some help and assistence is available. 

What is the reason behind his expenses? Mars is in the second equal house, together with Venus conjunct Saturn and Pholus. That is a bad omen for money, because Saturn and Pholus together produce nasty turning points. 
Also the Moon is quindecile Jupiter in the natal chart. It is the reflection of a desire for more and more and more, in an obsessive way. Jupiter is oppostion Midheaven and therefor important. 
There is also Venus conjunct Pholus in the second house of money. Perhaps that means ' turning points in wishes and preferences' . When you are rich, you can afford (for a long time) to give in to changing tastes and preferences. Pholus is, however, also the symbol of hurting yourself, shooting your own foot. The Venus-Pholus combination is a risk in the house of money...

Cage married a few times and marriage is not cheap these days:). See Astrology & Love about the marriages of Nicolas Cage, the indications for the number of them, and the match with Lisa Mary Presley, Patricia Arquette and Cristina Fulton. 
Here is the link:

BTW the pattern of artistic talent is as follows:
Moon 112.5 (square + half semi square) Venus
Venus square Neptune 
Midheaven and Moon in Libra
AC/MC in hard aspect with Venus and Neptune
That is relating Moon, Venus and Neptune with midheaven (ruled by Venus).

For more such patterns, see Art & Astrology. 
For more background information about astrology, see the labels.

Someone knew more about Cage's Rolls Royces, see this blog...


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