Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescue of first miner

In 2010 there was a mining accident in Copiapo. People all over the world were excited when the first miner was rescued.

This is the chart of the moment that the first miner was rescued and arrived above earth (at 00:10 today). What is in the chart?

1. Uranus and Jupiter are elevated. The combination is reflecting the relief...All over the world people are happy with the rescue. 
2. Ceres and Moon are on either side of the horizon, mirroring the return to the family (Ceres is the symbol of roots and genes, Moon is the symbol of home). 
3. And we see Venus and Saturn without major aspects in sign; there is joy and there are concerns at any possible level (sic...) There is a strong concern for the results and there are great responsibilities (Saturn is rising before Sun and Mercury). They go together with the relief and joy.
4. I particulary like Sun square Venus/Jupiter, for joy. It is a perfect day to get married, by the way...
5. And how about the moon in the very final minutes of Sagittarius? It is a void of course Moon (a Moon that will not make any more aspects in sign). There is a myth about the bad effects of a Void Moon in the charts of inaugurations.  
I doubt that the family of the first miner would agree with a ' bad'  void moon.... 

If a Moon is without major aspects in sign, the Moon is ' calling' (IMO). That means that emotions are without control, at any possible level. And that is perfectly understandable here....

The post about that void moon is here...
For more background info, check the labels.


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