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Sun-Neptune, Russell Williams and Paul Bernardo

Sun-Neptune is the combination of the vivid imagination, the realisation of dreams and the combination for the day dreamer or idealist.  Sun-Neptune's tight aspects are in the charts of Josef Fritzl (the man who kept his daughter and their children in a cellar and pretended to be a good house father), Paul Bernardo (the killer who was so handsome) and Russell Williams (an elite colonel of the air force and a killer). Sun-Neptune sometimes is mirroring the double life...(Some actors sort of have a double life: the real life and the person on the screen (and often real people think that the actor IS the role that he is playing...).  The tool is not good or bad, just the vivid imagination and the capacity to fake. This tool can be used for good or bad things.
Russell Williams is a colonel of the Canadian army, an elite pilot who flew Presidents and Queens, and he is a rapist, murderer and sexual freak, too. The chart of his day of birth won't reveal  the crimes (or everybody born that day would be like him!) The chart just shows possible ingredients for the final result: Russell Williams. His Sun exactly trine Neptune shows the vivid imagination, the will to make dreams come true, the chance of being a hero and the possible double life...

Again the Sun TRINE Neptune shows how easy it is to use a 'harmonious'  trine for the wrong goals in life. A vivid imagination is pleasant in many occasions. And in the hands of a killer or sexual disturbed person it is making things even worse. Remember Josef Fritzl with Sun biquintile Neptune (the creative fantasy)? Here is the link:
BTW, it seems that Williams and killer Paul Bernardo (click for more about the chart of Bernardo and Karen Homolka, the Ken and Barbie murderers) were students in the same Militairy Trail campus. They graduated in different years.  There is another similarity: Paul Bernardo has an aspect between Sun and Neptune: Sun quintile Neptune (the creative imagination).

But, there are a few more very tight aspects  on his day of birth that I like to mention. In combination they show at least some of the personality. Continue for the chart drawing and more about the chart.

Venus opposition Mars (passion with a question mark)
Venus inconjunct Uranus (extraoridinary sudden excitement)
Venus biquintile Pluto (creative way to earn money or to 'dominate')
Venus+Mars+Uranus+Pluto = 'radical'  impulsive passion (if out of control)

Sun trine Neptune (vivid imagination)
Sun semi sextile Pholus (turning point in life, risk to shoot your own foot)
Sun semi sextile Saturn (managing to be in charge, with some lack of balance)
Sun+Pholus+Saturn = bad sides of the turning point
Sun+Neptune+Saturn might point at an illness

and there might be an afflicted Moon (opposition Saturn and square Neptune) if he was born in the afternoon. In which case the Sun would be inconjunct the Moon and there would be a disturbance between heart and soul, desires and will. I wonder how they could miss the other side of his personality when he was tested...Here is the chart. I guess that Mars (military) is of importance in the individual (time related) chart of Russell Williams.

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