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Sun/Moon and AC/MC combinations

Yesterday's post was about the transits and progressions with Sun/Moon midpoint. Sun/Moon midpoint is what it says that it is: the midpoint between Sun and Moon. Ascendant/Midheaven (AC/MC) is another important midpoint. It is the crosspoint of meridian and horizon, the very spot on earth uses for calculating the chart. The angular positions (positions on Ascendant or the meridian - MC or IC -) are prominent positions. The planets on those positions have great impact on the Astrological ID. They show up like special marks do. Any aspect with Sun/Moon or AC/MC is an important aspect. These aspects show more about the nature of a person's motivation and the vital importance of a chart. 
BTW Sun/Moon and Ascendant/Midheaven can't be calculated without knowing the hour and place of a birth. Those who don't know the hour of birth could have a look at the post about Zero Aries. Continue for the combinations of Sun/Moon and AC/MC.

Here are example readings for combinations with Sun/Moon and the equally important midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven:
Possible interpretations of Sun/Moon or AC/MC in aspect with...

Sun/Moon with Mercury
Motivated for study, reading and communicating. The need to talk to someone.

AC/MC with Mercury
The crucial importance of study and communications (voice, for example).

Sun/Moon with Venus
Motivated for esthetics, luxury or entertainment (or love). The need to have fun and loving company in nice circumstances. A good position for stylists or for those working in the business of entertainment, jewelry etc.

AC/MC with Venus
The crucial importance of living life in pleasure and luxury (diplomacy required).

Sun/Moon with Mars
Motivated for production, fighting and action. The need to use energy and to work or take action.

AC/MC with Mars
The crucial importance of having a job to do and taking action. Muscles or drive is needed.

Sun/Moon with Jupiter
Motivated for growth, traveling and convincing or guiding others. The need to have successes.

AC/MC with Jupiter
The crucial importance of development, growth and the international…

Sun/Moon with Saturn
Motivated for business and management, controlling others. The need to be respected.

AC/MC with Saturn
The crucial importance of stability, realism and control. Status is required.

Sun/Moon with Uranus
Motivated for certain techniques or using engines/inventions. The need to make the world a better place, to explore or truth finding.

AC/MC with Uranus
The crucial importance of intuition and being inventive

Sun/Moon with Neptune
Motivated by idealism, faith or religion. The need to have dreams.  A good position for arts.

AC/MC with Neptune
The importance of inspiration (by fantasy or ideals)

Sun/Moon with Pluto
Motivated by values, policies or strategies if not force. The need to be strong and powerful or rich.

AC/MC with Pluto
The importance of strategy and power or authority (perhaps in politics)

Sun/Moon with Node
Motivated by the family or the party/nation. The need to belong to a group of people.

AC/MC with Node
The crucial importance of the people around you

Sun/Moon with Ascendant
Expressing with hearth and soul

AC/MC with Sun
The crucial importance of leadership or performance

Sun/Moon with Midheaven
Full commitment to a goal in life

AC/MC with Moon
The crucial importance of habits, moods or fashion

Sun/Moon with Sun and Moon
Motivated by your own will to live, with a need for family life and taking care (of themselves and those who belong to them)

AC/MC with Sun/Moon
The importance of your youJ)

Sun/Moon with Ceres
Motivated by results (the harvest), roots, genes, motherhood or nutrition. The need to be nurtured or to feed others (with food, ideas or dreams….etc.).

AC/MC with Ceres
The family roots or most important and so is being an heir

Sun/Moon with Eris
Motivated by discord or anger. The need not to be underestimated or forgotten? (Don’t you forget about Eris!)

AC/MC with Eris
The importance of being underestimated

Sun/Moon with Pallas
Motivated by seeing patterns and displaying them. The need to arrange things.

AC/MC with Pallas
The importance of patterns

Sun/Moon with Quaoar
Motivated to create new perspectives. The need to create a new way of living for themselves or for the world.

AC/MC with Quaoar
The prominence of creating new perspectives and making changes

Sun/Moon with Pholus
Motivated to cause a turning point (a goal in football, for example). Need to make (immediate) changes

AC/MC with Pholus
The importance of polls, looking back and retrospective results

The progressed Sun/Moon midpoint is another object for study…

Sun/Moon is important in family and love relationships. See Astrology and Love…

*) You can calculate Sun/Moon and other midpoints rather easily. See the post about how to calculate and interprete midpoints… http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-interpret-and-calculate-midpoint.html

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