Friday, May 7, 2010

Chart of David Cameron

This post is about the chart of David Cameron with transits and progressions (to see the drawing, scroll down). Yesterday David Cameron became the winner of the British Elections. His Sun was sextile the Midheaven of closing time of Election Day*).

In short, David Cameron has the chart of a leader (the Sun is 'calling'), a lot of things coming his way (beginning with barriers!) and in the long term a success to look forward to. But first he has to deal with partnership/coalitions...(Saturn on the Ascendant; time to commit yourself).

Because of the placement of Ceres - seed and genes - on top of his chart, and the results of the elections, I added a picture of the corn harvest (by Pieter the Elder Bruegel). It isn't harvest time,yet, however. It is not even certain if he will be the next PM and if he is: will it be a conservative government or does he need a partner? Labour + Liberals = a majority...There are a lot of (political) considerations following the results of the elections. Let us see David Cameron's natal chart with transits and progressions. What is to be expected íf he will be the next MP?

Coalitions and Saturn
It is a difficult chart for coalitions and relations in general, at the moment. Transit Saturn is about to reach his Ascendant (this August), followed by Mars. It will certainly be hard work to keep standing and it might require strict measures.

Whatever he does now, will be important for the next years. (For example: Saturn was on the Ascendant of George W.Bush during Katrina and what he did nOt do was of importance for his position and status). Any transit on the Ascendant or Descendant has the potency to change your horizon and it depends on circumstances and the person involved what the transit of Saturn will be reflecting. Some keywords: taking responsibility, being blamed, duties on the horizon, commitment and sometimes separation (distance). It requires patience, decency, respect and control to deal with this transit. Transit Saturn moved over his Ascendant before (with this Ascendant: on March 12 and again on August 12. May 27 is in the middle of the period.)

More 2010+2011
There is a lot of activity with this chart. Transits of Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune come and go in 2010 and 2011.
The trine made by transit Uranus will be back and bring welcome changes for a while (in September 2010 and in March 2011).
There will also be support in mid January 2011 (t Jupiter trine progressed Sun), but Neptune will be square the progressed Sun in February 2011. Neptune is the symbol of disappointment and isolation. A lot of ups and downs....
In 2011 transit Uranus will be square the Midheaven and opposition Ascendant, illustrating upheaval and changes again in April.

2012: P Sun trine Jupiter
The chart of this leader has one advantage. In April 2012 the progressed Sun in Sagittarius will make the first major progressive aspect in the new sign and it is one of the best: Progressed Sun trine Jupiter rx. It is the reflection of a successful new life (or lifestyle) and if he is still in charge it mirrors successful leadership later in 2011 (and perhaps good prospects for the UK).

Duties and responsibilities (Saturn)
The chart of a leader of a nation is often indicative for the well being of the people. There may be hope and eventually successes, but times are hard first. Saturn is the symbol of hard times. Transit Saturn will hit Cameron's Ascendant in August and his Sun in December.

The natal chart has the Sun 'calling' (for drawing attention and taking the lead at any possible level). The 'calling' Mars gives an energy level with ups and downs and is often seen in the charts of workaholics and ...sportsmen. Vesta on the Ascendant shows dedication. The oriental position of Uranus and Pluto might point at impulse and a tendency to be 'radical' (in the sense of making changes, 'revolutionary'). He may be a young radical in the eyes of old conservatives, but with the final dispositor of Midheaven (Venus) in Libra he is more of a diplomate and moderate.
Should I say: a dedicated diplomatic workaholic leader with an eye on change?

David Cameron's Ceres on top of the chart and the crucial midpoint AC/MC in aspect with the Northern Node might point at the importance of networks and genes (or the family background). Ceres is the symbol of grain and seeds. Isn't it surprising that this symbol is so important in the chart of a descendant of Alexander Geddes, who made a fortune in the grain business? BTW one of his ancestors is 18th century King William IV (and his mistress Dorothea). In the UK there is more (openly:) distance between the classes than in the rest of Europe. The position of Ceres makes it clear how important networks and genes were and are in the life and position of Cameron.

For more background information about Ceres, Vesta,midpoints, Uranus-Pluto combinations etc., see the labels!

*) The Suns of Brown and Clegg were inconjunct (quincunx) and that is a sign of lost. The Midheaven of a final moment related to the charts of leaders reveals a lot in football games (see the label 'football') and politics has a lot in common with football:), apparently.



Anonym said...

Beautiful the image of the painting by Bruegel The Elder

Astromarkt said...

PS: progressed Venus inconjunct natal Midheaven (meaning ' a wish coming true, but...something has to be sacrificied or given up' ). David Cameron is now Britain's new PM in a coalition with the Lib-Dem of Clegg.

Astromarkt said...

PS again:
Transit Saturn will be conjunct his Ascendant in the first 2 weeks of August 2010. T Saturn WAS conjunct the AC in the 3rd week of March. Today (end of May) is in between. The first difficulties with partners have shown up (the resign of Laws, a Tory with tax problems can't become a peer).