Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Faisal Shahzad, Mars-Uranus and terrorism

Terrorism is related Mars-Uranus (the short fuse). There is an article on my site Astromarkt about Mars-Uranus . I quote:
"....Suicide killers of the London Subway Blast (July 7, 2005). They were born:
a. October 20, 1974: a conjunction of Sun, Mars and Uranus and Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus
b. September 9, 1986: Sun trine Mars and square Uranus
c. December 15, 1980: Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus"
Faisal Shahzad,the man arrested for the incident on Times Square (trying to explode a car) was born on June 30, 1979 if Wiki is right. On June 30, 1979 Mars was quindecile*) Uranus. It is not that you have to become a terrorist with a Mars-Uranus affliction, but this aspect is always there in the charts of terrorist (statistics don't work vice versa!). In this specific case Mars is the first rising outer planet (the oriental planet), if we skip Varuna: an activist, a soldier, an entrepeneur, someone who acts first (and maybe thinks later?).
If we don't leave Varuna out, we get the picture of a person with an orienation on 'fame' by action. The effect of the aspect combination should be seen in the light of the man's background, of course.

Here is a link to more moderate examples of Mars-Uranus on this blog. And here is the chart of the day of birth of Faisal Shahzad.

Watch the 'soft' aspects of the Sun with Saturn and Uranus, the combination of restricted freedom. Maybe that is reflecting that it was easy to find him. This d.o.b. might be right.

READ ALSO the post about Colleen LaRose (Mars conjunct Uranus), an American woman who supported a group of terrorists and was arrested a few months ago.

*(165 degree aspect, meaning 'strong focus'or 'obsession')


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