Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plutonic aspects in the Spanish royal family

The Spanish King and his son have transits and progressions with Pluto. Crown Princess Letizia also has ' signs of transformation and change' in her chart, but it seems to be another kind of challenge...
Pluto is refleting power and authority, too. Today, the royal power of Juan Carlos was given to his son, because King Juan Carlos had a - successful- long surgery (see the news). This happened with transit Pluto semisquare natal Ascendant and progressed Ascendant conjunct Pluto. More transits and progressions are accompanying this (see the list*).

For a few hours Felipe was ' in charge' . Today Felipe has two Plutonic transis/progressions:
1. transit Pluto on the Descendant and
2. the progressed Sun opposition Pluto.
It seems to be a time of problems, stress and challenges for both father and son.
Crown Princess Letizia, will also ' meet' Pluto soon (transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Ascendant). It seems that her transformation is of another kind: beauty surgery and the dentist!

The wife of Felipe, Letizia, has progressed Midheaven oppositon Venus (question of esthetics and beauty). Her progressed Sun recently changed sign (life or lifestyle changing) and is trine transit Chiron, the healer. Also transit Pholus is exactly sextile her Mars (turning point in competition) and transit Pluto will soon be inconjunct her progressed Ascendant (defending or changing your circumstances with a certain lost or unbalance).. You see that there is a matter of beauty, change and stress in her chart. And in her solar return chart for this year, Quaoar is on Midheaven: a year with a new perspective or creating new concepts in her career and public position (or a new image being created...).
It seems that the royal couple had a photo shopped official photo and that Letizia had her nose and teeth ‘ done’ lately. Maybe that explains the changes, challenges and the opposition of Venus! See the photoshop picture here.

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PS About Felipe and Letizia:

The midpoint Sun/Moon of Letizia is in aspect with her Venus and with her husbands' Sun. When the Sun of a man hits the midpoint Sun/Moon of a woman, it means that he is the one for her (the one she wants to belong to). For more about the midpoint Sun/Moon, click the label! (Labels are below this post and on the left side bar on

*List of transits and progressions of Juan Carlos reflecting the surgery:
The complete picture is of a revolutionary change in - physical- conditions with relief and difficulties, maybe in getting back to 'usual' after alert and stress. In a few months time progressed Midheaven square Pholus rx; the social position at a turning point.

Transit Pluto semisquare natal Ascendant +
Progressed Ascendant conjunct Pluto; stressful circumstances, something being removed or amputated; physical comeback

Transit Uranus trine Ascendant; easy and sudden change of circumstances; a physical intervention

Transit Uranus inconjunct Progressed Moon; extraordinary upheaval; something happens that creates nervousness

Progressed Sun square natal Chiron; facing a healing

Transit Neptune exactly semi sextile Midheaven; unconsciousness

The midpoint of transit Jupiter/Uranus conjunct progressed Sun; a relief (a successful intervention or positive change)

Transit Pholus sesquisquare Pluto and Midheaven; a frustrating and challenging turning point


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Astromarkt said...

Considering the limited length of the surgery Prince Felipe didn't have to take over 'the reign', contrary to the message in El Pais.