Thursday, May 27, 2010

Astrological mirror of 50 Cent's lost weight

Curtis James Jackson or 50 Cent managed to loose 17 kilos to play the role of a cancer patient. It took him 9 weeks of eating fluid food and walking/running 3 hours a day. Watch the pictures on YouTube... I was curious about the astrological reflection in the mirror! Of course I added Ceres (food) and Pallas (patterns) with Pholus (turning point) to the usual planets and lights when I erected the chart of his day of birth because I expected those objects to be important in the picture.
The results are interesting:

1. Pholus is inconjunct his natal Sun!
That is reflecting a turning point with a lost related to fysics and health.
2. Pluto has been and will again be square natal Pallas (in the natal chart Pluto is also square Pallas). This introduces the theme of changing patterns.
3. The progressed Sun is in the 18th degree of Leo. That’s sesquisquare transit Ceres (frustrated nutrition).

And that is the astrological mirror.


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