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Pholus, Quaoar and The Beatles

The Beatles were a turning point in the history of music and they shaped a new reality in the business of entertainment. Maybe that is why Pholus and Quaoar are so important in the charts of the main songwriters of the group.

Pholus seems to be the symbol of the turning point, a moment in life to remember. John Lennon and Paul McCartney both lost their mother when they were teenagers. That is something that they share. Their charts have an A-rating in Astrodatank and that is not an AA-rated chart, but if they are correct, these are the similarities related to Pholus, the lost of their mother and the impact of their careers in music.
Pholus is in the 4th house (also a house related to a parent) of Paul McCartney.
Pholus is on top of John Lennon’s chart (in the 10th house, a parental house), semi square AC/MC and square natal Sun: his life is strongly and possibly in a challenging way, connected to the symbol of Pholus and what this asteroid is representing.

Progressed ruler 1 and 10 (Mercury) was inconjunct Pholus when Lennon’s mother died.
Transit Pholus was sesquisqare progressed AC/MC of McCartney when his mother died.
This is marking a crucial turning point.

Quaoar is the symbol of shaping and creating new worlds and realities. It is a creative force in the world of arts. Paul is more the Quaoar-guy☺ His Sun is exactly square Quaoar. In this chart, his Quaoar is conjunct the Ascendant and square Midheaven and Sun. The concept of creations is vital in this chart.  Another chart of Paul (for 2.00 a.m.) connects the Moon with Neptune and Midheaven.
(In the chart of John Lennon, Quaoar is conjunct Neptune and half semi square Venus, adding the concept of ‘ new’ and ‘ change’ to his artistic capabilities).

For the astrological pattern of artistic talent in the charts of Paul and John, see Art&Astrology for the date of this post.

Paul and John cooperated with George and Ringo and they were the major stars of the group. Both have an important Sun (symbol of the star) and perhaps that worked as having two captains on a ship. Did they match?

The Suns match, but the Moonsigns don’t. There is a quindecile (165 degree) beteen the Moons, reflecting a strong focus on each other’s experiences, youth, mothers and habits. They were strongly attracted to each other but there was a problem, perhaps because of the intensity of the relationship, perhaps because it looked like being family, too much. There is a 105-degree difference between their Venus, so even though the signs matched, there might have been some frustrating differences in tastes and preferences. In fact: the symbols of the female influence and sense of style and beauty (Moon and Venus) have tense aspects. That is perhaps illustrating the later conflict about Yoko Ono and the style of the band.

However: they worked well together. Mars in 3 Leo is sextile Mars in 3 Libra: they cooperated. But, the Leo Mars of Paul is in opposition with the Aquarian Moon of John, so here is a chance for ‘domestic quarrels’.

John’s Neptune is square the natal Sun of Paul. That is illustrating that someone didn’t see the other, as he really was, a sort of mistaken identity, like with an idol.

So even though the Sun signs matched, and though they cooperated well, there were enough artistic reasons to split, in spite of the strong focus on each other as a person. It is been said that Yoko Ono was the one who stood between John and Paul and the conflicts between the Moons and Venus indicate that women were indeed a problem in their relationship.
It doesn’t surprise me much that Yoko Ono’s Pholus is exactly on the IC, square the Ascendant in the 9th degree of Capricorn (same pattern as John has), quindecile the Midheaven of Paul McCartney and less than 2 degrees from the MC of John Lennon. Pholus, the issue of the turning point, joined their lives.

For the pattern of artistic talent in their charts, see Art&Astrology.


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