Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chart of d.o.b. Angie Sanclemente

Suspects often have a Mercury-Neptune combination, just like Angie Sanclemente, a beauty queen(Reina del Café) who is on the most wanted list for drug traffic. Neptune is now in the 28th degree of Aquarius, exactly inconjunct her progressed Mercury and square natal Mercury.

There is another reason why the chart of her day of birth is such a good example of the possible real life events and issues and how they are reflected in the positions at birth, by transit and progression: the Saturn-Uranus combination.
Later this year transit Saturn will be square her progressed Sun and trine natal Sun. Progressed Sun is also sesquisquare Uranus, reflecting the upheaval. Together Saturn and Uranus are the issue of limited freedom. She is on the run now, trying to break free. Why do this transit and that progression fit so perfectly to the situation, or should I say: have such a dramatic effect? It is because this combination is resonating the existing combination in the natal chart (Sun square Saturn and quindecile Uranus).

This is the chart of her day of birth.

Here is the CNN story:

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