Monday, March 22, 2010

Chart of d.o.b Nancy Pelosi

Even without hour of birth it is obvious that Nancy Pelosi is made for the job; a true communicator (no air signs) , convincing (Jupiter ‘calling’) and a die hard (Saturn square Pluto). Her strong Moon in Scorpio rises before Sun and Venus and that is the sign of the partisian, someone whose orientation is ‘on her own folks’.

CNN writes that she is the best person to keep the Democrats together since J.F. Kennedy, now that she helped Obama get his Health Bill through the Senate. It is also the first time in history that NO republican voted ‘yes’, so the republicans must have their own Pelosi

Transit Jupiter had already been conjunct her progressed Sun in the week before. Transit Node square Jupiter did the rest. Transit Pluto is now square her natal Sun. And we see Pholus and the progressed Sun get closer and closer until they will reach the turning point. I wonder what that will be, but considering her age and what she achieved now…she might consider a goodbye. Progressed Mercury is about to changing sign and the first aspect in the new sign is with the planet of endings: Saturn.

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