Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Berlusconi's winning chart

I have been reading Berlusconi's chart before , so I just refer to that today, now that he won the regional elections in spite of what the media predicted (maybe wishful thinking?). How come?

BTW Astrodatabank changed the hour of birth of Berlusconi from 6:01 to 5:40 a.m. since my earlier reading!

Transit Uranus is in the 28th degree of Pisces and that is square his MC and Ascendant for 5:40 a.m.

Transit Venus inconjunct Ascendant and sextile MC
Extravagant joy! A wish coming true.

Neptune is trine his MC and inconjunct his Ascendant.
Taking it easy at the office and a lost in a relationship.

Pluto is square his Sun (a growing aspect)
Enemies and danger or challenges…

Jupiter quindecile his natal Mars
Obsessed by successes

Saturn is trine his progressed Venus
Consistent sympathies

Pholus sextile his progressed Mars on AC/MC
Easy twist of faith in a battle, but with the danger of shooting own feet.

It seems that easy aspects of Pholus help you win the polls.

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Anon said...

I do not think that astrology may be useful in this case: Berlusconi has a big social block beside him and in fact the elections saw the move from Berlusconi party to La Lega, even more on the right wing...

A closed society like Italian one, put under the pressure of immigration, choses the right wing... Even in Holland there are problems, and Holland is far mor opened than Italy ever was...

Fascism - ***not*** as mere militarism - has deep roots in Italian mind... It is a fact left does not like to see but so it is...

It is unfortunately a problem we have to face everywhere, also in Unied States - how to explain the **hysteric** response to the mild (and **not at all** socialist!) - Health care Plan of Obama...

This is the mental mechanism:

Astromarkt said...

Hi Anon, thanks for your comment and political opinion. You are right: his post is not useful for politics. It is meant for those interested in astrology, observing the relationship between winning and the positions in the chart. There is more correspondence between those than between the polls/political predictions and the results of the election...