Friday, March 19, 2010

The Pholus of John J. Sheehan

With Pholus in the air it seems to be easy sometimes to shoot in your own foot, like Pholus did...
Pholus' name looks a bit like phallus. I read somewhere that Pholus works like a strong shot of Pluto. Perhaps that is why this is the second example of sex as the catalyst of a lot of fuss. The first one was John Terry's transit Pholus conjunct natal Sun. John Terry's Pholus transit highlighted his personal sex life. Former general John Sheehan's Venus opposition Pholus was triggered by a Pholus transit(not a conjunction) yesterday. He spoke of the sex life of others. Opposition often deal with 'others' and their effect on you.

Former general John J. Sheehan (with Sun conjunct Mars, Pluto rising before Sun and Venus and Mars semi-sextile Pluto) is a real macho and has his preferences. He is strongly against homosexuals in the army. And he bases that on experience, he said. He attributes the fall of Sebrenica to homosexuals in the Dutch army. Yesterday he told the Senate Armed Services Comity that ‘the Dutch’ also told him so and named one “Hankman Berman" as his source. The former chief of staff Henk van Breemen, denies to have said so. You can see Sheehan and what he said on this video:

Now: was this Pholus (again)? Yes indeed.

Pholus has a prominent position on the day of birth of Sheehan: all alone against all others
…and in strong opposition with the planet of love and preferences: Venus!

Right now transit Pholus is making aspects with 4 positions in his natal chart.
Transit Pholus is now in the 16th degree of Sagittarius (15+) and that is inconjunct the natal Pholus and progressed Pholus and …transit Pholus is the Apex of a Yod with the radix Venus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Sheehan. In the natal chart of Sheehan Pholus is sesquisquare the Sun, opposition Venus and trine Jupiter and Saturn within less than 1 degree orb. So this transit of Pholus hits the Sun (105d), too.

There is an interesting page on Wikipedia dedicated to Pholus (click here). And click the label to see more posts and links about Pholus. Up to now Pholus has been linked to:
- the small start of a major event (like the butterfly and the huricane)
- a turning point (like the first domino stone in a range)
- a situation involving three generations at the time (grandparents, parents, children)
- curing addictions
- something happens that you can't get a hold on and that is escalating (like the first stone in a revolution)
- the catalyst (something that triggers a lot of events)\
I like to add another one, referring to the myth: to shoot yourself in the foot! Sounds good in the military...

As you can see here Pholus is very very small and orbs should be taken equally small.

BTW The (Christian) Dutch Minister of Defense Van Middelkoop said that Sheehan’s words were disgraceful and unworthy of a general. Sheehan said more about homosexuals. For background info, see the article in Army Times


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