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Aquarians: Sarah Palin and Queen Beatrix

In the sphinx the three fixed signs come together: human mind, royal Leo body and the wings of the eagle and a serpent headed tail (symbols of Scorpio). The human head (a female head, btw) is part of the combination, like the signs are part of the combination of fixed signs. There is no sphinx without the head, or without the body or without the tail. They are a unity and Aquarius is just one part of it. Aquarius is on the head, because Aquarius is an air sign, the sign of the mind.

Aquarius is supposed to be the sign of liberty, equality and brotherhood. That is why Aquarius is often seen as the sign of socialism and communism*). Aquarius is the sign that is facing the royal and loyal Leo. Leo is the sign of showing off. Aquarius – in the opposition – was often related to Mao’s jacket and the word ‘ comrade’ or the French revolution and abolishing nobility. The French Revolution and the Statue of Liberty are often supposed to be one of the first signs of a new age of Aquarius, a humanitarian and emancipated age without royal privaleges (but I guess it is more about equal chances and indepence). We all know the hopeful song...(scroll down for the video)
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!
And we all know how it was in socialist Rumania when Nicolae Ceau┼čescu was the leader with absolute power.
So please, no so called equality! But then what will the new age bring us? Perhaps nothing new, but a lot of conservative technocracy and independence in unity. I think so because I have two great examples of how Aquarius is NOT about socialism and equality: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Sarah Palin of the Tea Party. They share a lot of placements in Aquarius and a tight conjunction between Mars and Saturn. They do what used to be a man's job. And they may be modern and different, but they are also conservative. In a way they stick to old concepts.

In my article about basic astrology on my site Astromarkt you find a (rather rude) characterisation of Aquarius:

You show having Sun in Aquarius by:
- being just a little different from the rest (of the family or neighbourhood)
- openly having another opinions than the group has
- revolt against suppression
- hearing, seeing and smiling (silence is not your style); being observant
- not showing emotions soon or trying to prevent it
- having to change everything every time

Moon in Aquarius: You have an independent soul and you sure do not like being obligated to have family meetings and so on. You may know a lot of people, but you keep a certain distance when it comes to emotions. Sometimes you have the nasty feeling that you can laugh about your own misery. As a mother you are more of a friend and sometimes distant, too. You seem to care more about situations far away or abroad than about those close to you.

Of course, the sign is just part of ' you' , but this post is about the sign and the effect of placements in Aquarius.

When Queen Beatrix started her period of reign (now 30 years ago) she immediately changed rules and methods and (unlike her mother Juliana) wanted to be named ‘ Your majesty’ (not ‘Madame’). Efficiently she appointed her own folks at court. She is modern, yes, but she also very much the Queen.

Sarah Palin also has a lot of Aquarius in her chart and she is ultra conservative. The majority of voters wanted a president who promised change and she is ready to turn back time. She may be a different kind of Republican and a mother who manages to be seen as a possible president of the USA by many, but she is also the spitting image of a conservative Republican and ambitious enough to aim at the presidency.

Aquarius seems to be the sign of antique shops, too, of revival of classical concepts. And perhaps that is what Queen Beatrix and Sarah Palin have in common, besides a certain drive to work (too) hard: they will do it differently than their predecessors and as independent women on top.

Here are the charts (Beatrix with transits and progression for the day that she became Queen; Sarah Palin's guess chart for yesterday when she started her Tea Party Tour). For more about Sarah Palin on this blog, click here. And for more about Aquarius, see the Basics of Astrology on Astromarkt or this post about Exit Mundi 2012. And here is the link to ' Age of Aquarius' by Gene Ray (about Royal Regulus and the start of the new age).

*)Socialism is in fact (like all ideologies) one of the Pisces-ways.
Besides: I think that Aquarius is the sign of controversy, doing it differently, drawing attention with change and upheavel and a very technocratic style of leadership. Equality, OK, but some are more equal than others are. That is because there is that fine line between Aquarius and Leo, like there is a line between Pisces (Roman Catholic Christianity and monestries, for example) and Virgo (the Virgin, celebicay). Now that we get closer to the age of Aquarius, in the period of transformation of changing signs, we see the decay of the concept of Pisces: sacrifice, seclusion, silence and the counterpart Virgo: service, celibacy and purity.
*)Socialism is in fact (like all ideologies) one of the Pisces-ways. Technology, technocracy and efficiency will rule the Age of Aquarius, IMHO, and the other side will be Leo-like: noble leadership, autocracy and centralism. There will be more and more unions of nations and though they will distinguish themselves and perhaps there will even be a revival of classical and antique habits and protocals, but together they will operate as one.

(says a progressed Aquarian with Moon in Aquarius;)

Here is the song: let the Leo sun shine in:)


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