Thursday, March 11, 2010

Astrologer/musician Peter van Wood died

Peter van Wood (real name: Peter van Houten) died in Italy with progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto and transit Pluto square Mars soon after transit Uranus opposition Sun at age 82. He played the guitar before he became Rai Uno's astrologer. In October 2007 he claimed one million from Coldplay because their 'Clocks' was a look-a-like of his 'Caviar and champagne'. The Italian TV-public voted that he was right. Was he? He died before he knew.

Peter van Wood was born in Den Haag, Holland on September 19, 1927 (time unknown). Venus and Neptune were rising before the sun. Neptune is the planet of orientation and Neptune is 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That is for the importance of fantasy, art, ideals or beliefs at any possible level. The combination of Venus and Neptune is often reflecting artistic talent.

For the astrologer in the chart we see Jupiter square Sun/Uranus and Zero Aries conjunct Jupiter/Uranus. That is in line with the charts of other astrologers. (I haven't seen an astrologer's chart without the Jupiter-Uranus-connection, yet.)

When he emigrated to Italy, in 1949, the progressed Sun was square Pluto and transit Uranus was square natal Sun. Uranus-Pluto combinations often reflect the 'dramatic change' and moving to another country is such a change.

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