Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maradonna's dog bite

I don’t want to ' blame' Pholus for everything, now that I recently ‘ discovered’ this object. Fixed star Sirius also was important in the incident with Diego Maradonna's dog. Neptune contributed, too. And there were supporting transits avoiding worse than bitten lips. But still, transit Pholus is exactly inconjunct the natal Mars of Maradonna, now that he has been bitten by one of his own dogs. I think that bite might change the way that he plays (or fights) with his dogs form now on..
Other indications for getting hurt and animals are transit Neptune almost and transit Chiron exactly square the DD-rated Ascendant given by Astrodatabank.
Lucky besides: progressed Venus is conjunct natal Pholus, maybe that helped and so did transit Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Pisces (and square Mercury). Maradonna had some lucky stars on his side (though it might feel bad:(

With Sun conjunct Neptune there might be a tendency to be too close to animals in general, especially in times when progressed Mars is conjunct Sirius, like here. Sirius is one of the fixed stars related to dog bites (see http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Fixedstars.htm)

For more about the incident, see The Hindu.

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