Friday, March 5, 2010

Ceres and Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver and his wife Juliette Norton are expecting their fourth child. Let us see where in the positions on his day of birth we can find the cook and where the father of four. He was born May 27, 1975 in Clavering, Essex, a very little village close to Saffron Walden, time unknown.
The first object rising before the Sun is Ceres. The first objects and planets tell us about a person's orientation. Ceres is very important in the charts of chefs, as you can see in the post about famous television cooks (scroll down for the link). That is in line with the meaning of Ceres: food, nutrition, motherhood, Mother Nature. See the label Ceres for more about her.

In 1999, when he was 'discovered' by the BBC, transit Ceres was conjunct his natal Sun. The progressed Sun then was in the 29th degree of Taurus, so his life and lifestyle was changing.

The progressed Sun in the 9th degree of Cancer is now sextile natal Ceres.

The first outer planets rising before his Sun are Jupiter (the international) and Mars. Together Mars and Jupiter promise lots of energy and drive, possibly leading to success and ...high productivity:) He owns several companies and is funding Italian restaurants in Asia now (very international!).

When he left school at age 16, transit Pluto was inconjunct his natal Sun. There is always correspondence between the progressions, transits and natal chart. When an aspect in transit or progression is repeating the combination of the natal chart (here Sun trine Pluto), the effect is greater. The combination of Sun and Pluto is one of the combinations for change. See them all here...

In the present period transit Pluto is square his natal Mars and inconjunct natal Sun. That produces a lot of stress and challenges, but Pluto is also the symbol of life and death. In the natal chart Pluto is in aspect with the Sun (trine) and Mars (opposition). The opposition between Mars and Pluto is part of a 'triangle of potential' with the Sun at the apex. It means that the enormous drive and potential is motivating him to be the star, the boss and the leading figure. Perhaps Jamie Oliver has an extreme drive to 'make it' (or create it:), again?

BTW, notice how the Mars-Pluto opposition can be used in a possitive way, also because the Sun is 'redirecting' the energy, adding creativity!

The position on the day of his birth, together with transits and progressions, being the son of parents who owned a pub and practised cooking, the oriental position of Ceres (heirloom! and nutrition), the fortunate meeting with a BBC-crew...that and possible but unknown angular positions (we don't know the hour of birth), is what made Jamie Oliver the rich and famous cook that he is. Also, the biquintile between Sun and Uranus is reflecting creative ways to be 'different' than the rest. Finally, I like to mention Venus in Cancer. Cancer (and/or the Moon) is often important in the charts of cooks. Venus is the symbol of pleasure. Jamie Oliver found a way to more fun in the kitchen!

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