Saturday, March 6, 2010

John Lennon's Uranus square progressed Sun

John Lennon as a car salesman, that is new. Perhaps that is why the planet of all that is new and exciting (and all that is controversial), Uranus, is now square his progressed Sun?*) John Lennon said that it is not 'rock and roll' to copy the past (just like the Citroen DS is not a copy of the past, you see?:). Of course, Uranus is also the astrological symbol of upheaval and riots and that is what happening now. Some fans aren't happy with the way that their hero is 'in the picture'.
Here is the chart.

It is a chart that barely shows the importance of Lennon for the world of pop music, at first sight. But there is that very tight aspect of Moon inconjunct Venus with Moon on top in the 10th equal house and Venus disposing of the MC and calling in the 5th. He must have had a need to be different and change the world (in a fanatic way: opposition Pluto) and there was that misbalance with 'art' at any level, art that kept coming back. I can understand the pattern. The need to change the world somehow become more and more obvious to the public but he also was an artist. He had a passion for patterns but also for show. He was an artist but also an activist. He donated to the IRA! He preached love and piece and abused his women.

It is all there in the chart. Just like the > 7 midpoint combinations for success.

I like to mention that Venus is half semi square from Neptune. That completes the pattern of artistic talents that is so frequent in the charts of artists, musicians, singers, writers and composers, as you can see on Art&Astrology.

More about John Lennon and the relationships with Yoko Ono, ex-wife Cynthia and the killer here...

*) It is not so strange to see progressions and transits having an effect after death, when something happens that influences the name and reputation, image/imago or history of a person.

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