Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chart of Louise Slaughter

Louise McIntosh (now Slaughter) is a Democratic Congress woman and she is 80 years old. Her bio on Vote Louise says that she was born at midnight and I suppose that that is for 0 hours. Gemini, the sign of 'eternal youth', was rising at that hour and at that place and that seems to be very appropiate for a woman of her age, still working full time!

Why is she a politician? Pluto,symbol of power, influence and stragegy, without major aspects within 5 degrees, rising before her Sun. That is qualifying her as a true politican in the first place, at any possible level. With the Moon opposition Jupiter and biquintile Pluto there is a lot of popularity, too, so that she was elected.

She started her political activities in the early 70s, soon after progressed Sun square Pholus and inconjunct transit Pholus (indicating the turning point in life). With transit Jupuiter square Moon and Uranus, Node and Chiron in soft aspect with natal Sun, she was elected in the Congress on November 4, 1986.

She is in the news today (see the because some person threatened to harm her and her family because of her 'yes' for the Health Bill. This happens with a lot of transits at the same time:
- transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Ascendant
- transit Uranus inconjunct natal IC,
- transit Neptune conjunct Midheaven
- progressed Mars trine natal Pluto and
- progressed Mars exactly inconjunct the Ascendant on March 19.

Uranus' inconjunctions are alarming and causing upheaval. As Uranus is afflicting the horizon and the meridian, this is reflecting a phase of alarm that has an effect on the situation and position of Mrs. Slaughter, including her private life (IC).

Mars inconjunct Ascendant is reflecting getting out of balance because of being struck, hit or hurt. (They actually threw a brick through her office window two days before the voting that took place on March 21. Mrs. Slaughter earlier had proposed a procedure to pass the bill.) The number of inconjunctions makes it difficult to remain in balance during this alarming (Uranus) attack (Mars).

Transit Neptune (ruler of Midheaven) is on her Midheaven now and that is often the moment to withdraw or 'give up' on a position. In this case it might refer to isolation (for her safety), too.

Sometimes, being a politician is tricky (and dangerous) business. I don't think that Mrs. Slaughter had such treaths before, even though there is an aspect in her chart referring to the issue of having to fight or work (too) hard and meeting enemies: Mars square Saturn (ruler 8), perhaps quite natural in politics. But as it seems, it also is the kind of aspect mirroring the energy to keep going on, even in your 80s. Or, should I credit the aspect ‘Sun trine Saturn’ for that fact?

Bart Stupack is one of the other senators who have been threatened. The time of his birth on February 29, 1952 is unknown so that the information is limited. But, he has transit Pholus semi sextile Mars and in the natal chart Mars is semi sextile Saturn. Mars-Saturn seems to be the kind of aspect that requires or demands 'guts', sometimes, because someone or the law is trying to cut off your energy, stop your advancement and limit your drive. There is no way to see right or wrong in an aspect, it is just telling us that there is a wall (or a brick) on your way one day.

For more examples of the possible reflection of Mars-Saturn, Sun-Saturn (managing to be in charge), Gemini or Pholus, click the label under this post.


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