Sunday, March 7, 2010

Uranus-Sun and how to shock someone

Roseanne Barr shocked the world again. She gave her opinion about the death of Marie Osmond's adopted son Michael, saying that his suicide was related to the way that the family's church (the Mormons) sees homosexuality. Marie Osmond is very devout and mourning the death of Michael, less than 10 days ago. So the words of Roseanne might upset her and those around her. Uranus is the astrological symbol of shocking things**) and Roseanne has her Uranus in the 19th degree of Cancer, sesquisquare her Mercury (for shocking opinions*). Her Uranus is exactly square the Sun of Marie Osmond.

Facts: Wikipedia mentions that as of April 29, 2009, Osmond revealed that her oldest daughter, Jessica, is a lesbian and that this goes against her Mormon faith. But, she will do whatever it takes to make her children happy. The death of Michael on February 26, 2010 is said to be related to severe depression for most of his life.
The suicide occurred with Saturn exactly sesquisquare Uranus and trine Pluto in Marie Osmond's progressed chart (that you see below).

I read Roseanne's chart on Art&Astrology . Quote:
This shows that she is first of all an idealist or an artist with talents and a great drive, who is likely to draw attention at any possible level, anyhow. The aspect between Sun and Uranus reflects that she is (often) a controversial person, different than others, special, causing upheaval. She mentioned that she was an outsider always. (Also notice Mercury sesquisquare Uranus for controversial opinions - and changing your mind, btw -).
Well, she did it again. here is the progressed chart of Marie Osmond.

*) There is a post about Mercury-Uranus ('Wrong ideas and silly comments') that you see here. Uranus is also about timing (Saturn is about time). Mercury-Uranus somehow knows how to say things at the wrong moment or before the other person is ready for the concept or for a any discussion about it. With Mercury-Uranus you just drop your thoughts all of the sudden, and most of the time these thoughts are quite different from those of the receivers of the message. That is why the newspapers (Uranus) find it interesting enough to mention it(Mercury). At least, when you are Roseanne Barr.

**)Uranus's position in heaven is reflecting the effect of the aspects with Uranus: turning worlds upside down.


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