Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comedian Sarah Palin

Yesterday, with Jay Leno, Sarah Palin was doing an act: she performed as a stand-up comedian. (Read it on Political Jokes). Now where in her chart is the comedian?

It is in Mercury biquintile Uranus, both connected to Midheaven. That is providing here with original, creative and sometimes crazy ideas and concepts that she can use in her profession (for example as a correspondent). The final dispositors of her Taurus Midheaven are Mercury and Uranus, too. They are in mutual reception, so there is another link between them!

There are more politicians who are frequently quoted in the papers for there controversial or funny remarks, like Silvio Berlusconi who also has an aspect between Mercury and Uranus.

But…is it really funny? What is the effect? Right now there is an inconjunction between her progressed Sun and Uranus, causing a lot of (extraordinary) upheaval. The inconjunction is reflecting missed balance in the way that she is in the news. It might just be that this performance was one of those ways (if she is really planning to be the next President).

The chart is a guess chart, so the Ascendant and Midheaven and the degree of the Moon may differ from the true positions! Nevertheless, there is a Mercury biquintile Uranus and P Sun inconjunct Uranus in her chart right now.
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