Friday, March 26, 2010

El Presidente Johan Cruijff

El Financiero reports that Dutch football legend and present coach of Catalunya , Johan Cruijff is now honorary President of FC Barcelona. Here is the chart with progressions and transits. His chart shows why narrow aspects and prominent placements are so important:

Mars is rising before the Sun and inner planet Mercury. That means that Mars is the planet of orientation. Mars is the symbol of sport, drive, energy and activism. In Aries, Mars is strong. Mars is even stronger because of the very narrow trine with Pluto. Mars-Pluto combinations represent the drive to win and intense energy.

When you see that you know enough. This is the chart of a strong man with a lot of energy and drive and he can easily (trine) dominate (Pluto) a fight (Mars). The easy thing in this chart is, that Mars is also the final dispositor of the Midheaven vocational routing and that Pluto is square Midheaven, so that we know that this drive to win is related to a function, a position in socieity, a career perhaps. Need we know more? Well, I’d like to know how he feels now that he is El Presidente. I see that party time is almost there (transit Jupiter square progressed Venus). But what is transit Saturn doing opposition his Venus? Well, let me quote Cruijff:

Every disadvantage has an advantage...
or was it contrary?:)


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