Friday, March 19, 2010

Spirits, Neptune and PM Azarov

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov had a problem with the spirit of the former PM. He could hardly breathe, so he hired an orthodox priest. Now the spirit has been driven out of the office and Azarov feels much better. And then they say that he is the most boring official in the country!:)

Below is the chart with progressions and transits for the day that Azarov was born. The planet of the spirits and beliefs is Neptune. Transit Neptune is conjunct the progressed Sun and opposition the progressed Mars of Azarov right now. In the natal chart the Sun is quintile Neptune, for creative fantasy and …for being spiritual in a creative way. (The transit of Neptune is often causing a negative publicity and gossip. So perhaps the story is a bit different than presented in the media. He wrote over one hundred scientific books and didn't accidently become a PM, I suppose.)

Azarov was born in Russia and that makes him a stranger in Ukrania, even though they elected him. His natal Sun is opposition Uranus, exactly. That is reflecting ‘ being different’. Mercury 112.5 (square + half semisquare) Saturn and trine Pluto is reflecting strategic communications (a very common combination in the charts of politicians). Jupiter rising before Sun and Mercury is for the international. Well he is. He doesn’t live in the country of birth any more.

For an explanation of the glyphes (the symbols), see Wikipedia.... For more info about Neptune, see the label below this post on:

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