Monday, March 22, 2010

Sacha Baron Cohen's secret marriage

Sacha Baren Cohen married ‘secretely’ last week. His progressed Venus is now sextile the natal Sun,, so that is good timing!:) There is also a progressed conjunction of Mercury and Venus, so maybe one of the two is ruling or placed in the seventh house of marriage. Sacha and his wife Isla Fisher already have a daughter together, so their relationship is certainly not top secret.

His chart has Uranus (and Pluto) rising before the Sun and that is always an indiction for being first of all a ‘radical’ (or should I say: explicit) person (see the post about Uranus and Pluto)
The fact that it is for fun is being mirrored by the ‘calling’ Venus, planet of pleasure and entertainment. It is also the planet of love. He married ‘in secret’, uh? Venus is right in the middle of the combination of discretion, conjunct the midpoint Neptune/Pluto. More about Neptune/Pluto here… Maybe that is also why he loves to be in disguise?


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