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Jupiter, Uranus and the charts of astrologers

This Astropost is about the presence of Jupiter-Uranus combinations in the charts of astrologers (and popes and astronauts) with examples and links for your study.

The combination (aspect or midpoint) is indispensable in the natal charts of astrologers as it seems to be there, always. The midpoint Jupiter/Uranus will be linked to the Sun, the Midheaven or Mercury in the charts of astrologers or those who are related to astrology in the eyes of the public. Sometimes the Jupiter/Uranus-connection is indirect and/or constructed by the signs ruled by Jupiter and Uranus (Sagittarius and Aquarius). There are often aspects connecting Sun, Mercury or Midheaven with Jupiter and Uranus. Try and see for yourself, there is a link to the dates and hours of birth of famous astrologers below. Jupiter-Uranus is also important in the charts of astronauts (watching the world from above) and modern popes (giving their view of the world today), as you will see.

Jupiter/Uranus is the combination of 'relief' in transits and progressions. It promises the ability to look ahead and to sketch another point of view (or, to see the world, an event or a person from a different or renewed point of view). That is what I believe is the meaning of Jupiter-Uranus.

To be able to watch the world and mankind from an alternative or elevated point of view seems to be the general meaning of Jupiter/Uranus. Having the connection does not mean that you will be an astronaut, pope or astrologer. But if you are, you might need a helicopter view...

Let me give some examples of astrologers with Jupiter/Uranus connections:
-Ebertin: Moon 22.5 degrees from Jupiter/Uranus; Mars 112.5 degrees from Jupiter/Uranus, Uranus semi square Sun/Jupiter, Sun septile the oriental Jupiter and quintile Uranus.

- Louis de Wohl: Jupiter (ruler of the Moon) very tightly sextile Uranus (ruler of the Sun), in the 24th degree, just like the Midheaven (Jupiter semi sextile and Uranus square MC), 5 positions in Aquarius and two in Sagittarius, among which Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). Uranus and Jupiter are in mutual reception, too. See the post about De Wohl for his chart.

- Noel Tyl, see the chart above, has the connnection between Jupiter and Uranus, too. Both planets are both tightly sextile his Midheaven and the Midheaven is conjunct Jupiter/Uranus. His Sun is conjunct hirs oriental Jupiter and trine Uranus. And Uranus is the apex of a midpoint yod with Sun/Moon (Sun/Moon opposition Uranus). So Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in his chart, related to Midheaven and to each other.

- Jean-Baptiste Morin (see his chart above) had an oriental Uranus conjunct Mercury and Sun conjunct Jupiter. His Midheaven was semi square Jupiter/Uranus. And Jupiter was related to ASC/MC.

- Karen Hamaker-Zondag has Uranus sesquisquare Sun/Jupiter
- Lea Manders has Uranus conjunct Mercury/Jupiter, Uranus conjunct Midheaven and Juiter semi sextile Midheaven
- Robert Hand has Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/Uranus with Jupiter septile Uranus, Jupiter trine Midheaven and Uranus quintile Midheaven
- John Addey*) had Midheaven semi square Jupiter/Uranus, Uranus (square ASC) semi square Sun/Jupiter
- Dutch astrologer Ram had Jupiter on top 67.5 Sun/Uranus.

And how about Walter Pullen, Alois Treindl and Alan Leo with the oriental Jupiter 22.5 degrees from Mercury/Uranus. Or how about Walter Koch (Sun related to Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter square Mercury/Uranus?

Enough examples. Here are links to studies about astrologers and here are the names of astronauts with Jupiter-Uranus connections in their chart.
BTW not only famous astrologers have the Jupiter-Uranus connection in their chart. Notice that most of the people who are seriously studying astrology share this combination! It means that we are sharing a controversial but exciting (Uranus) conviction (Jupiter).

Jotown (Astrodatabank comments) gave permission to publish a of collected data of astronauts having aspects between Jupiter and Uranus:

James Lovell - Sun/Jupiter/Uranus conjunction
Sally Ride – Jupiter/Uranus square - Sun/Jupiter sextile.
John Glenn – Jupiter/Uranus opposition -Moon trine Jupiter
Neil Armstrong – Sun trine Uranus - Jupiter/Uranus square
Buzz Aldrin – Jupiter/Uranus sextile - Sun trine Jupiter
Edgar Mitchell – Jupiter/Uranus square – Jupiter/Moon conjunct
There is a post about the chart of Mitchell on this blog, click here...

Benedict 16th has Midheaven square Jupiter/Uranus and Uranus half semi square Sun/Jupiter. His Jupiter is angular and Uranus is rising before the Sun.
See more charts of popes....

Article in Dutch on my site Astromarkt, with pictures of the charts of Mellie Uylder, Jan Gieles, Jan Gerhard Toonder and more...

Astrology of Astrologers (; study of what aspects and placements astrologers have in common (no data included)

List of famous astrologers

How to...

*) John M. Addey in the 50's investigated the natal charts of about 1000 very old persons. He found significant differences in the nature of aspects n the charts of the aged compared to a group of patients (polio) and published his findings in 'The search for a Scientific Starting Point', Astrology, vol. 332, no. 3. The funny thing is that his study was abused to prove astrology wrong (by Lawrence E. Jerome). He published that Addey was dissapointed to find that Capricorns did not live longer than Pisces. (Perhaps that was the reason to start his study:) in an article against astrology.

PS For those interested in length of life and astrology, click the label 'old'.



Anne Whitaker said...

Hi and thanks for this interesting research piece!Your readers who are interested the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries in 2010
might like to follow my new website "Jupiter meets Uranus", set up to promote the book I wrote, recently published by the American Federation of Astrologers, researching the impact of the February 1997 conjunction at 5 degrees Aquarius, called "Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing". Best wishes Anne W

NR said...

I have Jupiter (ruler of MC) opposing Uranus and square Saturn. I also have a deep love for astrology :)

Unknown said...

I have studied Astrology for over 11 years. I have done charts for others.

I don't have any Jupiter-Uranus aspects nor do I have any aspects to Jupiter/Uranus midpoint or similar in longitudes.

Cosmobiologists use declinations including declination midpoints

I have Sun parallel Jupiter/Uranus midpoint with 1 minute of arc.

Both Jupiter and Uranus aspect my Midheaven without Jupiter and Uranus aspecting.

Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini
oppose Jupiter in 8'17 Sagittarius
trine Uranus in 15'17 Libra

I also have Sun/Mercury midpoint conjunct Jupiter/Uranus midpoint with 3 minutes of arc. Uranian Astrologers look at stuff like that.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for adding the parallel to the aspects and midpoints, Satabishara!

Unknown said...

Thank you, I haven't really looked at mid-points for a long time, I am an astrologer, and I find with clients I have more than enough info to work with, with natal, transits and progressions, I occasionaly look at my mid-points when I read an interesting article, hence my reply.... when I looked I have natal Sun on Ju/Ur midpoint, Jupiter is on Sun/Mo midpoint and Uranus on Mo/MC. I also have Saturn in Aquarius and a Venus Uranus conjunction natally which I felt explained the love of astrology, But it is just dawning on me that the mid-points are like fulcrums and maybe descibe how the energy is supported and moved between the two planets involved.....mmmm maybe more insight into those conjuncting planets that energise these points..... some food for much thought, thanks again for inspiration.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you for your comment, Karen and... you're welcome:)